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Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique Carlsbad - Dr. Fallah

It is important to follow the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique, or "SMART," to protect Carlsbad area patients from toxicity during their procedure. Dr. Fallah describes the steps taken to reduce exposure for both patients and staff. Learning about this treatment allows patients to educate themselves on the dangers of mercury toxicity, even during the removal and replacement of their silver amalgam fillings. Transcript
This is our patient and mercury-free safe amalgam removal. We isolate their hair, face mask, oxygen hood. We have a patient bib that is plastic lined with a non-latex rubber band. We have a high vac suction. We also have a micro-seal on the rubber dam clamp. No leakage for the patient — completely safe. And we also have respirators on the doctor and the assistant for their safety with hairnets. We also have a mercury ionizer and the unit that you see at the other end monitors the patient's vitals.

See How Dr. Fallah Helped Twins Stephanie and Ramses Restore Their Smiles

Having problems with your teeth can be troublesome, but dental deformities can often lead to negative perceptions, as experienced by the twins Ramses and Stephanie. Learn how Dr. Fallah was able to help them overcome their dental issues with reconstructive dentistry and transform their entire life. Transcript
When I was little, I remember a lot of kids used to make fun of me before I went to kindergarten, and I mostly when I got to 2nd grade and 3rd grade they used to ask me why is your face like that you know or what is wrong with you are you weird or something? They were really mean to. Then he got to know me and he apologized. Ramses and Stephanie are 16 year old twins sharing more than the same birth date they both endure a hereditary tooth deformity. The twins Ramses and Stephanie – to fix their mouth properly requires literally a full mouth rehabilitation. Dr Al Fallah is part of a special team of dental professional volunteering with Fresh Start. Through funding form the CDA foundation the team provides free reconstructive dental surfaces to underserved children with Physical deformities. The impact he is having on kids like Ramses and Stephanie will change their lives forever.

It hurts, I mean we both have it so we both know what we are felling so we can talk about it easier and we can talk about it how it feels and how people make fun of you. It has made me a better person because I don’t judge people. There are people that I have met that have deformities and stuff too like with their hands and stuff and they kind of judge them and I don’t like the fact that I am being judged. So let’s take a look. So after 8 months of Orthopedic adjustments Dr. Fallah must now expand Stephanie’s maxilla to correct her cross bite with her upper and lower arches in their optimal position. Then I will be ready to reconstruct her and put her in a proper position with beautiful teeth. We want to expand your mouth so we can get these teeth in. Ramses problem is more serious he has a very severe open bite and extensive crowding issues. We are doing some expansion orthopedically both on upper and lower and especially upper and then we would have to literally correct the open bite with Orthodontic surgery. Very good- very wonderful we will see you in about 6 weeks. How bout that? When you go in there are a lot of doctors in there and like there are a lot of people in there and I appreciate it a lot. I am telling you I get more joy out of it than I think those kids do. When I go home after the Fresh Start clinic I feel energized I feel regulated and I feel like I’m able to help these kids. For Ramses and Stephaney the gift of transformation is now just months away and they are both just beginning to realize just how bright the future will be. I feel more confident and I don’t feel insecure all the time. I will be smiling all the time and I love taking pictures in general. And now I am going to be like ‘picture!’ every second. I think I look amazing! I think I am going to look super good. It actually comes back in so many different ways that you cannot just measure with our normal ways of measuring the resort. This is the greatest thing that anyone can give me. It is like my dream!
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DCA TV -Dr. Fallah discusses Holistic Dentistry and Zirconia Dental Implants

Jennifer Ericson and Dr. Fallah have an insightful discussion on the merits of Zirconia implants and the impact they have made on dentistry. Learn how Dr. Fallah, as a holistic dentist, uses bio-compatible materials for the betterment of his patient’s overall health.
Welcome to DCA TV. I am Jennifer Ericson your host for today’s show. Today we will be speaking to Dr. Al Fallah in San Diego, California. Dr. Fallah has a background in chemistry he earned a degree from UCLA Dental School, where he ranked in the top 6 percent of the nation on his national board examinations. These and another long list of credentials and professional affiliations make professional uniquely qualified to attend to the dental needs of patients throughout the San Diego Area. At his practice – in Carlsbad California, Dr. Al Fallah applies his background in bio chemistry in-depth training in specialized techniques, core nutrional principle and a wealth of clinical experience to further the oral health and overall wellness of patients in the San Diego California area. At the holistic reconstructive and cosmetic dental practice of Dr. Fallah, each patient’s oral health and whole body wellness and satisfaction in the appearance of themselves is always top priority. Welcome, Dr. Fallah It is an honor to be with you today.

Thank you pleasure is mine. So I am a dentist a biological dentist, my practice philosophy is to do comprehensive dentistry within the frame work of oral systemic health. Our goal is to maximize the health of patients mouth and address it in the needs of our patients through profiling the best possible care we can have in the framework of maximizing patients all systematic health, for example we address a small part of what biological dentistry can be in, we can talk about different aspects of it – for example let’s just take a small cavity and the cavity when it is getting closer to the pulp, we would address that cavity with things such as Ozone, and other anti-microbes that would kill the bacteria and the microbes within the cavity and then we would fill the cavity with biocompatible material that would look good an actually be lasting and also compatible with the patient’s biology and in doing so, we do everything we can to prevent root canals, infections, and that is just a simple approach to tooth decay. We believe that preserving the vitality of the tooth, or teeth is critically important, to be healthy. Not just a tooth but the whole paints, because anytime there is any sort of low grade infection or beyond that within the mouth that infection persuades through the lymphatics in the blood stream and through the environment around the tooth and the gum tissue and it helps the patient out as well, so the dressing it helps the oral environment. It is our primary focus the oral environment when we are dealing with for example infection the tooth is already infected and it’s beyond saving, when we remove the tooth, we address the infection make sure that all the infection is clean up and use oxygen ozone we remove the infected tissue whether it is a soft tissue in the bone, we use very high tech equipment and techniques such as use of laser piezo, ozone, and we then use patient’s own blood and their own platelets which creates a matrix for healing and from that matrix new bone and gum cells develop and in doing so, when the area heals, it heals properly without any residual infection and if you need to go in there and place and replacement we use a bar compatible substitute such as Zirconia implants. They are made of zirconia oxide they have no metallic signature, and they are extremely bio compatible. The gum tissue the touch is beautifully integrated with it, and we see phenomenal results with that, and when we restore it, we use bio compatible materials which has bio compatible composites and of course that would be appropriate for the patient’s health and function. So whatever we can do to maximize the functionality and health through our approach with the teeth gums, and the bite – we would address that. Another thing that we do that is very unique and special is when we address that we make sure that the bite is very thoroughly balanced – we use a technique with pea scan which asses the bite, and the way that we makes sure that the forces are distributed appropriately and equally between he right and left. That is critically important – in terms of the feel of comfort in terms of the cranial integrity and other structure and relevance that the bite can have. The impact of the bite on the rest of the body.

Great! The next question how does holistic dentistry go beyond ordinary dentistry?

Well there are many aspects to holistic dentistry like for example one of the things that as a holistic dentist we do is appreciate and realize that we don’t want to expose our patients, to any mercury vapor or any of the byproducts of amalgam – so for example when we are removing an amalgam filling which is 50 to 55 percent of it is made up of mercury not only do we place a rubber dam and cramp on the tooth or teeth that we are working on, but we place a micro seal which completely eliminates the leakage of any fluids into the oral cavity so in essence we are completely isolating the environment where the tooth that we are working on from the rest of the oral cavity and so we essentially make sure that we don’t get any leakage of that debris into the patient’s mouth, and at the same time the patient is going to be breathing through an oxygen mask and so the patient is not inhaling any of the mercury vapor either and myself and my staff we have special masks and we have multiple high speed suctions that are operating in the treatment room and that helps everyone to stay safe, and that is one as aspect of how holistic dentistry is different than conventional dentistry. In fact about 20 years ago – I had many of my amalgam moved and safety and I had, I was suffering from fatigue for a number of months, and one of my physicians friends tested me and found that I was very high in mercury and that was the beginning of my journey to holistic dentistry it was through my own personal experience. So being mercury free and mercury safe is really in my opinion the very frit step of being a biological dentist. The other aspects would be using materials that are compatible with the biology like for example, we do tests that are called cliff or beacon - we have 2 different companies that do it, the testing – and either one of these are companies who lab tests so we would know. They would actually test over 500 dental materials from the blood samples that is provided for them to patient’s own blood and that would tell us and the patient what materials that patient is sensitive to and so we should stay away from those matters, and believe it or not it is not always the same for everybody not everyone s compatible to the Sam exact thing and we know that especially through the blood compatibility test so that is the 2nd part of that and the 3rd part is rally appreciating that the oral cavity is a dynamic environment and we want to make sure that we eliminate infections and promote health, now that would be through addressing as I said earlier cavities – with laser ozone, and bio compatibles filling techniques to extractions that are done in a way that would promote healing to replacement to protocols that are impervious to the body’s biology to address the bite and making sure the bite is balanced so it is not affecting a paint’s head and neck in an adverse way so it just has many layers to it when we are doing grafting for the gum tissue – one of our first choices would be patient’s own blood product we called platelets rich fiber so it does the blood drop as we will spin it and we will separate the fiber and the growth factors ad we use that as a primary graft material. If we need to do bone grafting for example, we use either the palettes rich fibrin the advanced palettes fibrin which has more hypo allergenic growth factors in it or we use bone graft material called steno bone graft material which has – which has calcium triphosphate matrix but no antigen so we don’t use the bovine bone, and we stick to products that enhance healing without creating ay reaction and so these are some of the examples of how biological dentistry takes things to a different level in a sense.

What are the benefits of Zirconia dental implants?

Well these are great dental implants that are truly beautiful there is no greyness to it, the tissue - the gum tissue attaches to the Zirconia implants without any sort of inflammation – the crown that goes over it, has a natural background so the aesthetics of a tooth that is restored with a zirconia implant is night and day – more beautiful than titanium implant which has a greyish look, so several things that we see in terms of a difference one with titanium with time oxidizes and becomes titanium oxide. So with time the patient ages, and let’s say the gum recedes, that titanium oxide actually becomes because it has a veracity to it- it attracts bacteria and plaque and so it can lead to peri-implantitis which is inflammation of the gums around the implant, we do not see that with Zirconia implants, which is partly because there is no oxidation process, it is a crystalline structure and so that is rally important and from a biological stand point the zirconia oxide is a crystalline structure it is not a metallic substance in that sense and so it uses a proper signature and a volt meter such as a reader machine for example on a zirconia implant you don’t register the voltage as opposed to a titanium implant you can register voltage on that. The most obvious part is that it just looks so much better that is it. The big advantage in terms of specialist front teeth.

Mercury – a naturally prevalent and deadly killer and it’s in your mouth! Find out what needs to be done if you have an Amalgam fillings.

Amalgam fillings are a common practice of the past and have now been replaced with bio compatible materials that do not carry toxic properties. However not many people are aware as to what dangers are posed from mercury and why they should remove their old fillings for their own health and safety. As a naturally present neuro toxin, mercury has been proven to aggravate or add fire so to speak to any prevalent health issue your body might have. With the constant stimulation that it would receive inside your mouth from day to day activities like brushing your teeth or chewing your food – the exposer is heightened and can cause extensive mercury poisoning.
Mercury is the most poisonous, naturally occurring substance on the planet. It is a powerful neuro toxin, that damages the immune system and directly or indirectly contributes to or make worse every health issue you will every deal with. Mercury contributes to memory loss, depression, autism, and plays a role in heart disease to name but a few. Amalgam silver fillings constantly release toxic mercury vapor much more so when stimulated by anything including such common actions as tooth brushing. This is illustrated in the following demonstration by doctor Tom McGuire. So what I will do is I am going to take a reading of the amp in here around the filing, above the filling – it might say and we will get a reading there and then I will take a reading of the filing, and then I am going to brush it with a soft bristled tooth brush, for 10 or 15 seconds and I will take a reading and then we will see what that says. Hey let’s see our tech – we want to do a reading it reads, you should read it up. 0.00 – it takes about 12 15 seconds of the area and then it is computerized and so it projects it into the air. Okay what does it say now? 0.00. Now here is the amalgam – has an MOD in it lets see what happens to that- (the Jerome mercury vapor analyzer Dr. McGuire is using accurately measures micrograms of mercury per cubic meter if air.) 6.0 and that is multiplied by 3 trillion by the way. 3.00 so 3 micrograms per cubic meter. 6 I am sorry. Thank you that is why I have someone here to help me. So let’s give it some brushing here. Depending on the brush how hard it is and how much pressure you put on it – that is all that is going to affect. Also high copper amalgam will also affect it. By the way the high copper amalgam releases 50 times more mercury given the same temperature and stimulation. As the older ones – 260.7 – that is micro grams. So you get a pretty good idea now that the idea of mercury coming off of amalgam fillings even with a common form of stimulation can be significant. Now if you set he way you divide this up in the middle, you see on te left side you have chewing your food, and 36 micrograms for cubic meter of air – tooth brushing 200. Tooth grinding – 350. Wet polishing 500, again micrograms per cubic meter of air, dry brushing 600, and unsafe removal a 1000. A telling demonstration – but what do the numbers actually mean? Remember mercury vapor in any quantity is poisonous and has profound psychological and physical effects. Here are just some of the psychological and emotional symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning. And here are just some of the physical symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning. In addition, these are some diseases related to chronic mercury poisoning. As well this is just a partial list of how mercury relates to reproductive disorders. Regardless of a dentist belief of whether or not mercury amalgam fillings are a health hazard, you have sent that removing them unsafely can generate toxic levels of mercury vapor exposing the dentist the dental staff and the patient. The good news is the safe removal protocols are effective and available we believe that they should be adopted by all dentists and the bad news is that today only a small percentage of dentists are using these same removal protocols, if you are a dentist – the new directions dentistry website listed below offers the first and most comprehensive DVD course for minimizing occupational exposure to mercury at the dental office and making your practice mercury safe. If you are a patient, we urge you to let your dentist know about our video. For more information, about the very real health hazards of mercury amalgam and Dr. Tom McGuire’s book poison in your teeth visit mercury safe, There you will also find the largest most comprehensive online directory of mercury safe dentists. Thank you for watching.

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Did you know that mercury amalgam fillings can slowly poison your body? Luckily, Dr. Fallah has a solution.

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It Really Is Mercury - An analysis and proof that the smoke is in fact mercury.

Out with the toxins and in with biocompatible materials: Replacing mercury amalgam fillings

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Amalgam/Mercury Fillings - News 12 Spot - Amalgam Fillings Dangerous

Of interest:

Results of a 2009 survey about amalgam restoration use, published by The Wealthy Dentist indicated that 66% of dentists stated that they tell patients about cosmetic options to replace amalgams (but do not necessarily mention anything about the safety of amalgams).
22% of surveyed dentists stated that they tell patients about options that are potentially safer although many of these dentists have completely discontinued the use of amalgams. The remaining 12% said that they prefer to place amalgam.
Survey results also indicate that a majority of dentists choose to not use mercury amalgam at all. 54% of general dentists use other products to fill cavities. If amalgam is considered 'safe and effective' and is less expensive than its replacement substances, why don't most dentists use it?
Dr. Fallah's dental practice is holistic -- he is a mercury free dentist.


Dr. Al A. Fallah image
Dr. Fallah is an exceptional dentist who treats patients in Carlsbad, San Diego, and beyond with consummate expertise. He provides holistic care with compassion and excellence. Due to Dr. Fallah’s extensive education, experience and skill, he can offer his patients many options and choices in the care they receive. Dr. Fallah believes in co-creating the optimal treatment options together with his patients to suit their unique requirements.

Some of his many achievements:
  • Graduate of UCLA Dental School 1987 (scored in top 6 percent of the national boards)
  • Master of International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics
  • Accredited by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
  • Certified by the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine
  • Has extensive experience and training in the use of the Zirconia Dental Implants, especially the Swiss Dental Solutions (SDS) and the Z system
  • Extensive experience in biological oral surgery using Ozone and PRF
  • Graduate of the prestigious residency program in Contemporary Esthetic Dentistry
  • Graduate of Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
  • Licensed in IV and oral conscious sedation
  • Certified Provider of DNA, mRNA, and other sleep and TMD appliances
  • Certified Invisalign provider
  • Extensive training in neuromuscular orthodontics
  • Founding member of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy

Dr. Fallah is renowned for providing advanced, cosmetic, and restorative treatments while safeguarding their health with holistic and biological principles. We welcome you to call Dr. Fallah’s office today to experience exceptional dental care!
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