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Call Us: (760) 730-1600
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Huggins Protocol

Millions of people in our country struggle with health problems for which their physicians can find neither a cause nor a cure. We cannot imagine the feelings of hopelessness that go hand in hand with poor health and no answers. Dr. Fallah and our team have worked with numerous men and women in just this type of scenario, often incorporating the Huggins Protocol into the well-developed care plan.

Dr. Hal Huggins

The Huggins Protocol began with the identification of mercury toxicity from amalgam dental fillings. Dr. Hal Huggins linked the mercury within amalgam to several serious diseases and symptoms decades ago and continued to research the effects of conventional dentistry on teeth, the mouth, and the body. His findings demonstrate the detrimental impact many patients experience because of conventional methods of treating teeth. A practicing dentist since 1962, Dr. Huggins also earned a Master's degree in immunology and toxicology as he sought to develop a higher standard of care for his patients. Many patients around the world now benefit from Dr. Huggins' efforts and teachings.
Dr. Fallah has been thoroughly trained in the Huggins Protocol and he frequently uses it with patients who want to improve health and wellness.
  • Sequential removal of amalgam fillings and metal restorations.
  • Removal of infected root canal teeth that may be placing a toxicity burden on the body.
  • Protective measures such as rubber dam placement during the removal of amalgam fillings.
  • IV vitamin C to encourage ATP production and aid in systemic detoxification.
  • Acupressure techniques encourage optimal interaction between muscles and nerves.
  • Special testing to determine the most biocompatible replacement materials for each patient.
  • Identification of appropriate supplementation needs with blood chemistry testing.
  • Consistent follow-up throughout the healing and recovery process includes lab work to monitor how the body is responding after the removal of toxic metals from teeth.
We greatly enjoy working with individuals who are seeking solid answers to their health concerns with holistic dental care. Our protocols have been used successfully in numerous situations in which patients have wondered if solutions could be found.
Dr. Fallah has spent years studying and has advanced his knowledge under the mentorship of some of the leading holistic practitioners in the world. His level of understanding is matched with precise skills that can lead you into a state of wellbeing you may not have known for years.
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