Oral health officials now say mercury used in filings maybe dangerous especially for children. New from Long Island Mary Ulsy has the latest in tonight’s long island naturally. He was armed with protective glasses, a rubber face mask and his own oxygen supply. Looks like he is ready for a has man operation but in this case the hazardous material is the mercury in his silver Amalgam tooth fillings and the operation is removing them. Symptoms include fatigue, brain fog, and loss of sleep – after decades of controversy health officials have conceded that mercury fillings are dangerous. The FDA website says that mercury may have neuro toxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetuses. There are vapors always coming of the mercury restorations. Chewing eating swallowing – means they are constantly being touched and vapors are coming off and that has been proven. It is ironic that when a dentist removes a mercury filling there are special regulations that govern its disposal as a hazardous waste and yet it is still perfectly legal to put it inside someone’s mouth. Like other holistic dentists Dr. Linda Golden never uses mercury fillings, but she does take them out and that can be tricky. Patients need to be protected from the vapors and sometimes there is underlying decay that can lead to a root canal. 2 is fine, 3 is fine – despite those risks, Jeanie Barrera wanted hers out before she started a family. There are so many repercussion that are unavoidable why would anyone choose to put mercury in Mary Ulsy – New Scrub Long Island. And for more information, read Mary’s blog on our website just click on blogs 12 and tune in next weekend.