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Call Us: (760) 730-1600
1293 Carlsbad Village Drive Carlsbad, CA 92008 | Directions

Welcome to Al A. Fallah, San Diego Holistic Dentist

Welcome to the cosmetic, reconstructive, and holistic dental practice of Dr. Al A. Fallah, where the health of your mouth and your smile is our priority! One of the statements we hear often is, "I wish I had found you sooner!" A Master of the International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics and numerous other prestigious dental organizations, Dr. Fallah has a wealth of knowledge that enables him to give each patient the options for the dental care they seek.

Our practice is equipped with innovative technologies and a highly skilled staff. What stands out, however, is the humble and personable manner with which we greet and treat our patients.

In our San Diego holistic dental practice, you and your smile are our priorities. You are given our full attention as you discuss your concerns and you will be provided with necessary information that will allow you to make educated and confident decisions about your dental care. We believe in treating you as an individual; understanding that your needs will differ from anyone else.

We offer expertise, caring, technology, and comfort. Without any one of these, it is an incomplete circle of care. We provide this and more for every patient.

Dr. Fallah and his friendly team do more than diagnose and treat common dental problems with the mainstream standard of care. In our years of practice, we have seen one example after another of the impact oral health can have on the patient's general health and wellness.

How Carlsbad Dentist Provide Dental Treatments During Covid-19

How Carlsbad Dentist Provide Dental Treatments During Covid-19
Dr. Al Fallah of Carlsbad, CA explains on this video how he provides dental treatments during the Covid-19 pandemic, & of other important safety protocols Transcript
Hi, my name is Dr. Fallah. I am a biological dentist in Carlsbad I want to go over our protocol in how we treat our patients in the era of Covid 19. First and foremost, we really want to make sure that everybody is safe. That is the corner stone of our strategy. We see one patient at a time at this point, patients come in they basically wait in the car – my front office person open the door, reads them with a mask and checks the temperature and we have a questionnaire that is already been addressed over the phone, symptoms wise – any shortness of breath and fear and all that is questioned and make sure that everybody is safe. When our patients arrives, we minimize the contact, first of all before you even enter everything is cleaned to the maximum after each patient the bathrooms are cleaned, all surfaces are disinfected including the counter tops the pens, anything that you will possibly touch. That is really important, and once you arrive we set you in your treatment room right away, myself and my assistant, we are wearing respirators which are the most protective gear possible, and their canisters, their filter everything and including viruses in the office obviously, this is very important. We have a special air filtration system in our office, that is designed to filter the smallest particles including the viruses sized particles which is really again very important. We actually have multiple filtration systems. The one that I am describing is the newest addition to our air filtration system and our main ac system also uses ozone and UV – as well. So we have multitude of ways to make sure that the air is clean. We minimize any thing that would potentially create any aerosol and this is for everyone’s protection, in the era of Covid 19 that is critical. So let’s say that your cleanings instead of using an ultra-sonic which would create aerosol our hygienist would be using hand scanners which we mostly prefer anyways. And we also provide special mouth rinse and literally do a protocol that we have done for many years for surgery patients, germs that makes rue that the face is white and nose is – so everything is disinfected and of course we are utilizing the state of the art, disinfecting technology, we have soap water is the most common sanitizers, alcohol based sanitizers, and of course we have this state of the art respirators for the back office and we have the state of the art, masks for the front as well such as N95. So we go through a lot of different measures, for your protection, our protection everyone’s protection. Keeping everybody safe creates a much safer environment for everyone, we have patients that say that they feel safest in our office than anywhere else, because how we take this is very seriously. Your safety is our priority. Thank you!



We are proud to say that we treat patients from the San Diego area as well as from across the United States. Our impeccable reputation for excellence has also earned us the honor of providing care to patients from across the globe. Dr. Fallah is a sought-after dental practitioner due to his extensive training and background in safe treatment protocols along with his personable manner that makes dental visits a pleasant and informative experience.

Just as important as dental treatment is the consideration of how dental disease and the restoration of the smile will affect the body. For instance, research continues to demonstrate the detrimental impact of mercury exposure. In addition to avoiding amalgam fillings, which contain mercury, Dr. Fallah employs a specific removal technique through which exposure to this substance is significantly decreased.

Dental materials may affect one person differently from another. To make the best decisions in restorative care, we perform Clifford testing or Biocomp testing. Each test is designed to identify the most suitable materials for the individual patient.

As a dedicated holistic dentist serving all areas of San Diego, Dr. Fallah utilizes various protocols from the Huggins philosophy of dentistry as well as many other holistic modalities. We also use oxygen ozone to eliminate harmful pathogens quickly in the oral environment. We also work very hard to make sure our patients are comfortable throughout their visits with us, offering noise-cancelling headphones, injection wands and techniques and more. Dr. Fallah is also one of the 3% of dentists in the United States who is trained and licensed in IV Conscious Sedation.

We are happy to schedule a convenient time for you to consult with Dr. Fallah about your dental concerns and goals. Contact our office today.

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