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Call Us: (760) 730-1600
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Mercury Safe/Mercury Free

Safe removal of silver mercury fillings

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Our patients are completely protected from any mercury exposure during the removal of their old silver mercury amalgam fillings. This is accomplished with the use oxygen mask, rubber dam and unique microseal technique..
An increasing number of well-informed women and men are opting for dental care that does not utilize mercury, a known neurotoxin. Dr. Al A. Fallah operates a mercury safe/mercury free practice. His credentials make Dr. Fallah the dentist Carlsbad area patients trust for healthy dental treatment.


Dr. Fallah is accredited with the IAOMT. The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology is a leading global organization dedicated to finding the safest methods of administering modern dentistry. Accreditation is your assurance that Dr. Fallah has had comprehensive training and testing in biological dentistry.

SMART is the IAOMT's Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique, a stringent protocol for getting amalgam filling out of the patient's mouth with minimal risk of mercury exposure. Dr. Fallah is SMART certified.


Simply grinding out amalgam fillings releases mercury vapor and particles. The SMART technique is ideal for patients who wish to have amalgam fillings removed safely. Here are just a few of the precautions Dr. Fallah takes:
  • Protective gear – Patient and dental team wear disposable gowns and face shields.
  • Barrier – An impermeable barrier (rubber dam) keeps particulate matter from scattering through the patient's mouth or being swallowed.
  • Alternate air source – Patient breathes fresh air through a nasal mask.
  • Air filtration – Treatment rooms are equipped with high-volume air filtration systems to remove mercury vapor and particles.
  • Special method – Amalgam is broken into large chunks for removal with minimal grinding.
  • Evacuation – A high speed evacuation device gets liquid and particulate matter away from the patient's soft tissues quickly.
  • Amalgam separator – Collects amalgam waste to keep mercury out of public wastewater systems.


The microseal technique is a specialized method of treatment that creates an airtight seal to protect the patient and avoid anything from seeping into the patient's mouth during silver amalgam removal. This greatly increases the safety of treatment and is not used at all dental practices in the area.

By visiting an IAOMT accredited, SMART certified mercury free/mercury safe dentist, you get scientifically based care combined with gentle compassion. In the Carlsbad area, call Dr. Al A. Fallah, DDS, MICCMO, AIAOMT at (760) 730-1600.

Mercury – a naturally prevalent and deadly killer and it’s in your mouth! Find out what needs to be done if you have an Amalgam fillings.

Amalgam fillings are a common practice of the past and have now been replaced with bio compatible materials that do not carry toxic properties. However not many people are aware as to what dangers are posed from mercury and why they should remove their old fillings for their own health and safety. As a naturally present neuro toxin, mercury has been proven to aggravate or add fire so to speak to any prevalent health issue your body might have. With the constant stimulation that it would receive inside your mouth from day to day activities like brushing your teeth or chewing your food – the exposer is heightened and can cause extensive mercury poisoning.
Mercury is the most poisonous, naturally occurring substance on the planet. It is a powerful neuro toxin, that damages the immune system and directly or indirectly contributes to or make worse every health issue you will every deal with. Mercury contributes to memory loss, depression, autism, and plays a role in heart disease to name but a few. Amalgam silver fillings constantly release toxic mercury vapor much more so when stimulated by anything including such common actions as tooth brushing. This is illustrated in the following demonstration by doctor Tom McGuire. So what I will do is I am going to take a reading of the amp in here around the filing, above the filling – it might say and we will get a reading there and then I will take a reading of the filing, and then I am going to brush it with a soft bristled tooth brush, for 10 or 15 seconds and I will take a reading and then we will see what that says. Hey let’s see our tech – we want to do a reading it reads, you should read it up. 0.00 – it takes about 12 15 seconds of the area and then it is computerized and so it projects it into the air. Okay what does it say now? 0.00. Now here is the amalgam – has an MOD in it lets see what happens to that- (the Jerome mercury vapor analyzer Dr. McGuire is using accurately measures micrograms of mercury per cubic meter if air.) 6.0 and that is multiplied by 3 trillion by the way. 3.00 so 3 micrograms per cubic meter. 6 I am sorry. Thank you that is why I have someone here to help me. So let’s give it some brushing here. Depending on the brush how hard it is and how much pressure you put on it – that is all that is going to affect. Also high copper amalgam will also affect it. By the way the high copper amalgam releases 50 times more mercury given the same temperature and stimulation. As the older ones – 260.7 – that is micro grams. So you get a pretty good idea now that the idea of mercury coming off of amalgam fillings even with a common form of stimulation can be significant. Now if you set he way you divide this up in the middle, you see on te left side you have chewing your food, and 36 micrograms for cubic meter of air – tooth brushing 200. Tooth grinding – 350. Wet polishing 500, again micrograms per cubic meter of air, dry brushing 600, and unsafe removal a 1000. A telling demonstration – but what do the numbers actually mean? Remember mercury vapor in any quantity is poisonous and has profound psychological and physical effects. Here are just some of the psychological and emotional symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning. And here are just some of the physical symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning. In addition, these are some diseases related to chronic mercury poisoning. As well this is just a partial list of how mercury relates to reproductive disorders. Regardless of a dentist belief of whether or not mercury amalgam fillings are a health hazard, you have sent that removing them unsafely can generate toxic levels of mercury vapor exposing the dentist the dental staff and the patient. The good news is the safe removal protocols are effective and available we believe that they should be adopted by all dentists and the bad news is that today only a small percentage of dentists are using these same removal protocols, if you are a dentist – the new directions dentistry website listed below offers the first and most comprehensive DVD course for minimizing occupational exposure to mercury at the dental office and making your practice mercury safe. If you are a patient, we urge you to let your dentist know about our video. For more information, about the very real health hazards of mercury amalgam and Dr. Tom McGuire’s book poison in your teeth visit mercury safe, There you will also find the largest most comprehensive online directory of mercury safe dentists. Thank you for watching.