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Call Us: (760) 730-1600
1293 Carlsbad Village Drive Carlsbad, CA 92008 | Directions

Smile Makeover/Cosmetic Dentistry

We care about every aspect of your smile! While we work very hard at recreating natural oral structure and health, Dr. Fallah and our staff also recognize the need for aesthetic beauty. When you visit our North County Coastal office in Carlsbad, we can plan your perfect smile makeover based on precise images and x-rays and a thorough understanding of your goals and expectations.
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Cosmetic dentistry changed a great deal with the development of ultra-thin porcelain veneers. A veneer covers only the front surface of a tooth, which means that the overall process is much more conservative than placing a full crown. Dr. Fallah may recommend veneers if you want to close a gap between two teeth, disguise chips or cracks, or you need to improve the shape or size of a tooth. In some instances, veneers are ideal for the restoration of your brightest, most healthy looking smile.
We use porcelain to create veneers because this material is extremely strong, making it ideal for the front teeth responsible for biting. Porcelain allows us to cover a tooth without losing the natural translucency you would expect to see in your smile. Dr. Fallah has extensive training and skill in the enhancement of teeth. We are happy to consult with you about veneer treatment!

Before and after results of actual patients treated in our practice.

Smile Makeover/Cosmetic Dentistry Actual patients results
Dr. Fallah rejuvenated the patient's smile with ten porcelain veneers
For this patient, we created Porcelain Veneers, making her smile more symmetrical and closing the spaces between her teeth.


This innovative technological advance has changed the way we perform cosmetic and restorative treatments with crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers. CEREC gives us the ability to create lifelike restorations right in our office. The process does not require multiple visits, letting you get back to your normal schedule with your smile intact.
More than time saving, CEREC treatment provides you with the most natural appearance as well as quality that will last. Restorations are made with a high quality, durable, and natural looking porcelain that matches the hardness, and beauty of your natural enamel. The bonding process that is used to adhere your veneer, crown, or other prosthetic to the tooth in question is also a key factor in achieving longevity.
CEREC is an excellent option for patients undergoing dental treatment for one or a few teeth, such as when receiving a single dental crown or porcelain veneers on the front teeth. However, for patients undergoing a complete smile makeover or full mouth reconstruction, we partner with Five Star Laboratories in Beverly Hills to ensure that your bite remains intact and you have stunning end results.

Partial dentures

A smile makeover may involve finding a suitable form of tooth replacement. For many of our patients, this may be found in a partial denture or bridge. We are very careful in the way we perform all forms of care because our goal is to move you into a healthy smile that will provide functional chewing, comfort, and confidence. Partial dentures are used to replace a number of teeth in the mouth. Made with precision in our dental laboratory, the final partial denture can be affixed to the remaining teeth in a way that achieves the comfort and stability you deserve.
The health and the appearance of your smile can be improved in a healthy, holistic way. Contact us in Carlsbad Village to schedule your private consultation with a dental team that cares about the longevity of your oral and systemic health.
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Dr. Fallah is known for treating patients from our local Southern California area as well as from other states and countries. Our reputation for successfully handling complex cases has been earned through several years of personal care provided to men and women who came to us feeling frustrated and hopeless.
Every patient requires a unique level of care in order to address their dental condition. We determine what is needed by performing a thorough consultation and examination, which includes x-rays and advanced imaging as needed. Dr. Fallah listens to each patient’s expectations and designs care accordingly. An important aspect of full mouth reconstruction is patience.
Dr. Fallah is meticulous about the method in which old restorations are removed, using the Huggins Protocol to ensure safety for the patient and for our staff. He is also particular about the process of restructuring the smile, creating a wax-up model of alterations as discussed in the consultation and planning visit. Before patients get their final veneers or crowns, they get to "try on" their new smiles, in the form of temporaries, and suggest changes as they wish before we order final restorations from the dental lab. The time we take in planning the ideal proportions, color, size and shape of veneers and other restorations leads to the best result for each patient.

Patient Video Testimonials

What our patients say about Smile Makeover/Cosmetic Dentistry

Patient review for Smile Makeover/Cosmetic Dentistry in Carlsbad, CA

Dr. Al Fallah and his staff are experts in their field. They have gone above and beyond what is usually required of the knowledge of one’s teeth into a holistic realm that understands the entire body network as it relates to teeth. Dr. Fallah is so educated in his field and it is a privilege to be a patient of his. Dr. Fallah will create a comprehensive plan for caring for your teeth and that will make you a happier person all around!
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Dr. Al A. Fallah image
Dr. Fallah is an exceptional dentist who treats patients in Carlsbad, San Diego, and beyond with consummate expertise. He provides holistic care with compassion and excellence. Due to Dr. Fallah’s extensive education, experience and skill, he can offer his patients many options and choices in the care they receive. Dr. Fallah believes in co-creating the optimal treatment options together with his patients to suit their unique requirements.

Some of his many achievements:
  • Graduate of UCLA Dental School 1987 (scored in top 6 percent of the national boards)
  • Master of International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics
  • Accredited by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
  • Certified by the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine
  • Has extensive experience and training in the use of the Zirconia Dental Implants, especially the Swiss Dental Solutions (SDS) and the Z system
  • Extensive experience in biological oral surgery using Ozone and PRF
  • Graduate of the prestigious residency program in Contemporary Esthetic Dentistry
  • Graduate of Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
  • Licensed in IV and oral conscious sedation
  • Certified Provider of DNA, mRNA, and other sleep and TMD appliances
  • Certified Invisalign provider
  • Extensive training in neuromuscular orthodontics
  • Founding member of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy

Dr. Fallah is renowned for providing advanced, cosmetic, and restorative treatments while safeguarding their health with holistic and biological principles. We welcome you to call Dr. Fallah’s office today to experience exceptional dental care!

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