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If You Are Debating on Having Your Amalgam Fillings Removed, Here Are Some Reasons To Take The Plunge!

Biological Dentist Amalgam Removal in Carlsbad CA Area

There was a time when almost any filling provided was made from a metal amalgam. These fillings are not only unattractive, but they can create adverse side effects as well. Some people have metal allergies, and some studies now show mercury’s negative impact on the human body, even when in small amounts. Composite resin fillings are an excellent biocompatible alternative provided by Dr. Al Fallah to patients seeking a biological dentist in Carlsbad, California.

If you have existing amalgam fillings, you can have those removed and replaced with a composite resin filling. If you are considering this but have yet to decide, here are some reasons you should consider.

Our amalgam removal protocol is perfected to the point of eliminating ANY mercury exposure to our patients and our team. You can watch our protocol in action in this link:

Amalgam Fillings Are Not Forever

When dental patients get composite fillings, the filling is bonded to the tooth for a long-lasting solution. With metal amalgam fillings, they are just packed into the cavity.  Amalgam filing is made of 55% mercury. You may remember the mercury thermometers, where the mercury expands with heat and contracts with cold. Amalgam fillings expand and contract more than the tooth. This problem also increases the risk of deep cracks in the tooth. Also, the expansion and contraction will expose the tooth for bacteria to sneak in and cause further decay.  The presence of the metal mercury silver amalgam will partially block the visibility on the X ray, so You will not even know cavity is happening until it is too late, and you suffer from pain or discomfort. Once this happens, more expensive dental work could be required, including an undesirable root canal, extraction and if lucky, a dental crown . If you currently have an amalgam filling, make sure your dentist checks it regularly or have it removed and replaced with a tooth-colored composite resin filling SAFELY. You’ll be happy you did.

The Impact of Mercury

A large portion of amalgam fillings, about 55%, consists of mercury. While studies are still ongoing, there are many long-term health effects like mercury in the bloodstream. With amalgam fillings, that is precisely what happens. Albeit slowly and in minimal amounts from each filling. The mercury exposure is proportional to the size of the filling, the number of the mercury fillings in the mouth, heat  (from foods and beverages) and friction from chewing and teeth grinding. In contrast, the Composite resin fillings or the ceramic restorations are biocompatible and will give you peace of mind that your health is not being affected in any negative way.

Reaction to Temperature Changes

The way metals react to heat and cold is to expand and contract. The metals used in amalgam fillings are no exception. Especially volatile is mercury, which makes up about 55 percent of an amalgam filling. Consider a mercury thermometer. The reason mercury works well for a thermometer is that it expands to fill up the meter to indicate hotter temperatures and contracts when the temperature drops. Now imagine that inside the cavity of your tooth. When an amalgam filling heats up, it will expand and put pressure and strain on your tooth. Over time, this can lead to cracks or fractures. When you eat cold foods such as ice cream, your amalgam filling will contract, creating a gap around the filling. Constant contractions and expansions will weaken your tooth as time passes. It does not sound good because it is not good.

Strengthen Your Tooth with A Composite Filling

When you receive an amalgam filling, it almost works against your tooth. As mentioned, the amalgam filling is not bonded to the tooth but put into place like a pothole in a road. The filling is not attached to the tooth in any way. With a composite resin filling, the filling is bonded to the tooth, and the tooth and filling work together in tandem. 

When a tooth that has an amalgam filling has force put against it, it can create an uneven distribution of that force, resulting in tooth damage. That is because the amalgam doesn’t give. It is immovable and solid, like a pothole in the road. That is not the same with a composite resin filling.

Appearance Matters

One of the most obvious reasons you want to avoid an amalgam filling is appearance. An amalgam filling will be immediately noticeable with its silver, metallic appearance every time you open your mouth. On the other hand, a composite resin filling is very similar in shade and color to your tooth. They are hard to see and easily hidden. Nobody needs to know how many fillings you have.

If you are interested in learning more about composite fillings, call Dr. Al A. Fallah and schedule an appointment. Dr. Al Fallah can be reached at (760) 730-1600.

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