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Call Us: (760) 730-1600
1293 Carlsbad Village Drive Carlsbad, CA 92008 | Directions

Mercury-free (and mercury-safe) services as a cornerstone of biocompatible dentistry

Mercury Free Dentist in Carlsbad CA area

Dr. Al A. Fallah distinguishes with considerable continuing education and training on the latest methodologies and technologies. These investments are made with a real purpose in mind that complements and reinforces our fundamental principles as a holistic and biological dentistry practice serving Carlsbad and the greater North County of California.  How a dentist approaches and handles dental materials that contain mercury is a tenet of biological dentistry. This approach refers to the compatibility of materials, products, and other aspects of dental care with natural, living tissues. As both a mercury-free and mercury-safe provider, you can trust that all services and treatments … Continue reading

Diagnosing and Treating Infections with Dental Ozone to Support Healing

Ozone Dental Treatment in Carlsbad CA Area

At Dentistry for San Diego in Carlsbad, California, we have developed considerable expertise in detecting and resolving conditions not limited to hidden infections and infected root canals. Oral infections may be characterized as “hidden” when they are trapped in places such as underneath crowns, jaw recesses or cavities, tooth sockets, and root canals. These infections can be difficult to pinpoint because they may be “silent.” Individuals’ mouths feel fine, despite infections lurking undetected, which can become worse over time and contribute to chronic illnesses without proper treatment. If detected with cutting-edge diagnostics, infections may be abated by using dental ozone treatment. Ozone is among the wide … Continue reading

If You Are Debating on Having Your Amalgam Fillings Removed, Here Are Some Reasons To Take The Plunge!

Biological Dentist Amalgam Removal in Carlsbad CA Area

There was a time when almost any filling provided was made from a metal amalgam. These fillings are not only unattractive, but they can create adverse side effects as well. Some people have metal allergies, and some studies now show mercury’s negative impact on the human body, even when in small amounts. Composite resin fillings are an excellent biocompatible alternative provided by Dr. Al Fallah to patients seeking a biological dentist in Carlsbad, California. If you have existing amalgam fillings, you can have those removed and replaced with a composite resin filling. If you are considering this but have yet … Continue reading

Why you should consider seeing a biological or holistic dentist

Natural Biological Dentistry in Carlsbad CA Area

A biological (also called holistic or natural) dentist works with the health of the whole body in mind. When a biological dentist treats your mouth, they do so with the belief that your mouth’s health is inextricably linked to your overall well-being. Dr. Fallah treats patients in the Carlsbad, California area with the understanding that oral health issues adversely affect the health of other areas of the body. He believes that the treatment of a patient’s mouth must be done so in a way that it can work in harmony with the rest of the body.  Biological dentists typically believe … Continue reading

Carlsbad, Ca Area Dentist Describe Biological Dentistry

What is biological dentistry? Dr. Fallah is a holistic dentist in the Carlsbad, CA area who can explain! Contact his office at

Dr. Al Fallah is a biological dentist in Carlsbad, CA who proudly provides patients with holistic dental care. He knows how important it is to focus on the body and eliminate toxins and problems that can be caused by certain materials or infections within the mouth. A holistic dentist will often focus on some of the following aspects of dentistry: Oral systemic connection Silver amalgam filling use Meridian tooth chart ORAL SYSTEMIC CONNECTION Dr. Al Fallah explains this is the link between the health of the smile and the health of the body. When an infection occurs, such as periodontitis, it can … Continue reading

What Are The Benefits Of Ozone Therapy As Treatment In Dentistry For Carlsbad, Ca Patients?

Dr. Fallah in Carlsbad, CA describes the benefits of ozone therapy as a treatment in dentistry. Schedule a visit today

Patients in and around the Carlsbad, CA area who are interested in holistic dentistry are welcome to visit Dr. Al A. Fallah and his team of professionals. His practice is equipped with the latest technology to ensure quality dental care. He also offers ozone therapy as a treatment in dentistry. WHAT IS OZONE THERAPY? Ozone therapy integrates ozone gas into various procedures. While it has been used for a variety of treatments in medicine, it can also be used in dentistry. Ozone therapy in dentistry focuses on the antimicrobial effect of ozone gas when used in the oral cavity. It … Continue reading

Benefits Of Searching For A “holistic Dentist Near Me” In Carlsbad, Ca

Benefits of searching for a holistic dentist in carlsbad, ca for your medical treatments

The roots of holistic healthcare go back centuries to ayurvedic medicine. Yet many people are not fully aware of how this approach to dentistry can benefit their oral and whole-body health. If you are new to the Carlsbad, CA area or simply looking for a better fit for your personal wellness philosophy, it is a good idea to consider a holistic dentist “near me.” WHY BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY? Holistic or biological dentistry is not a narrow area of specialization recognized by national dental associations. Rather, it describes an overarching concept of care that focuses on the entire patient – that individual’s … Continue reading

Biocompatibility Testing – A Vital Element Of Holistic Dentistry In Carlsbad, Ca

What are the health benefits of holistic dentistry,dr. Al a. Fallah brings to the patients in the carlsbad, ca area

Biocompatibility testing is a strong element of Dr. Al A. Fallah’s commitment to helping his patients in the Carlsbad, CA area achieve the best health possible through holistic dentistry. We provide the Clifford Biocompatibility test and Biocomp Biocompatibility test. These tests utilize your Serum to test your compatibility to hundreds of the existing dental materials. WHAT IS HOLISTIC DENTISTRY ALL ABOUT? Simply put, holistic dentistry is about improving the quality of life. It is a prevention-focused approach, with treatment techniques that consider much more than just fixing teeth. Holistic dentistry takes into account the overall impact of every procedure and material on the entire patient: Smile appearance … Continue reading

Biological Therapies In Dentistry Are Available In Carlsbad, Ca

Best way to get a Biological therapies in dentistry to solve oral dental problems the most natural way possible, Visit us today

“Biological” simply means related to living organisms, and “therapy” is any treatment intended to heal a disorder. Since the mouth is inherently part of the living organism that is your body, the concept of biological therapies makes a great deal of sense in keeping the mouth and body in sync. Patients from Irvine to San Diego trust Dr. Al A. Fallah in Carlsbad, CA for this insightful approach to dentistry. HARNESSING THE NATURAL POWER OF OXYGEN Oxygen is the life-supporting element in air. Ozone is a gas occurring naturally in the earth’s atmosphere from lightening. Ozone is comprised of three atoms of … Continue reading

Biological Dentist In Carlsbad Shares Important Information For Patients Considering A Root Canal

What is root canal & ozone therapy and how to get a professional biological dentist for the treatments,visit al a fallah dds miccmo aiaomt located in carlsbad ca

We’ve all been there. You wake up with searing pain in the tooth and think, “I hope I don’t need a root canal.” Or perhaps you had a cavity filled before, and it’s starting to hurt again, or a previous dentist told you a tooth may soon need a root canal. Many patients put off receiving dental care because they fear a root canal is inevitable. What if you learned that a root canal can be prevented with proper dental care? Dr. Al A. Fallah, a respected biological dentist, has helped his Carlsbad-area patients manage their dental care with an eye … Continue reading

We are proud of the personal attention we offer to each of our patients and we extend an invitation to you to experience the benefits of compassionate holistic dental care from our team in Carlsbad, CA.
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What our patients say about Zirconia dental implants

Patient review for Zirconia dental implants in Carlsbad, CA

I recently had two implants done with Dr. Fallah. It was very good experience. Dr. Fallah is very patient, caring and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dr Fallah and to your wonderful staff for putting smile back in my face.
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Dr. Al A. Fallah image
Dr. Fallah is an exceptional dentist who treats patients in Carlsbad, San Diego, and beyond with consummate expertise. He provides holistic care with compassion and excellence. Due to Dr. Fallah’s extensive education, experience and skill, he can offer his patients many options and choices in the care they receive. Dr. Fallah believes in co-creating the optimal treatment options together with his patients to suit their unique requirements.

Some of his many achievements:
  • Graduate of UCLA Dental School 1987 (scored in top 6 percent of the national boards)
  • Master of International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics
  • Accredited by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
  • Certified by the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine
  • Has extensive experience and training in the use of the Zirconia Dental Implants, especially the Swiss Dental Solutions (SDS) and the Z system
  • Extensive experience in biological oral surgery using Ozone and PRF
  • Graduate of the prestigious residency program in Contemporary Esthetic Dentistry
  • Graduate of Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
  • Licensed in IV and oral conscious sedation
  • Certified Provider of DNA, mRNA, and other sleep and TMD appliances
  • Certified Invisalign provider
  • Extensive training in neuromuscular orthodontics
  • Founding member of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy

Dr. Fallah is renowned for providing advanced, cosmetic, and restorative treatments while safeguarding their health with holistic and biological principles. We welcome you to call Dr. Fallah’s office today to experience exceptional dental care!