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New Patients: (760) 576-2779
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Benefits of searching for a “holistic dentist near me” in Carlsbad, CA


Dr. Fallah Al explains the benefits of searching for a holistic dentist in Carlsbad, CA
The roots of holistic healthcare go back centuries to ayurvedic medicine. Yet many people are not fully aware of how this approach to dentistry can benefit their oral and whole-body health. If you are new to the Carlsbad, CA area or simply looking for a better fit for your personal wellness philosophy, it is a good idea to consider a holistic dentist “near me.” Dr. Al A Fallah is eager to answer your questions.

Why biological dentistry?

Holistic or biological dentistry is not a narrow area of specialization recognized by national dental associations. Rather, it describes an overarching concept of care that focuses on the entire patient – that individual’s unique oral, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. This level of care goes beyond fixing a damaged tooth. It encompasses preventive measures and utilization of the safest available dental materials and techniques. It recognizes that the mouth and body are intimately connected. Everything that goes into the mouth impacts health, and many health issues present symptoms in the mouth.

Thus, there is a huge spectrum in holistic care. Each practitioner brings his or her own experiences, expertise, and healthcare beliefs to the treatment room. Dr. Fallah relies on truthfulness, honesty, and respect for the patient to convey his personal treatment style and to explain the benefits of the services he offers.

Patient education is a core principle at Al A. Fallah, DDS, MICCMO, AIAOMT. It is delivered with a wealth of experience in a caring and comfortable environment, with the latest training and technologies.

How Dr. Fallah starts a new patient

Check how Dr. Fallah starts a new patient Many new patients find their way to Dr. Fallah through an internet search for “holistic dentist near me Carlsbad, CA.” others are referred by an integrative physician or an existing patient. Regardless, the front desk staff, known for compassion and discretion, conduct a survey. The purpose of these questions is to better understand the individual’s concerns, goals, and desired level of educational detail about holistic treatment.

One of the most important things the survey reveals is what brought you to the practice, so that Dr. Fallah grasps what you want to accomplish. For example:
  • Chronic health issues
  • Dental problems
  • Need a new general dentist
  • Interested in holistic dentistry
  • TMJ, head, and neck pain
  • Cosmetic dental issues
  • Want zirconia implants

Sometimes, the patient is very clear, while others just know they want something different than what conventional dentistry offers. Dr. Fallah knows that listening is key, before an examination is performed, to discover what could be placing a direct or indirect load on the immune system via any hidden infections in the mouth.
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If your needs are a good match for the practice, an initial appointment is scheduled. At this visit, complete photos of the mouth and appropriate x-rays are taken. Three-dimensional images may be taken, as well, particularly in cases of possible infections or circumstances in which TMJ, head, or neck pain are present. Dr. Fallah sits with the patient to discuss results. Also, screening for oral cancer, periodontal disease, cavity check, and galvanic measurement (to determine electrical voltage in teeth) is performed.

Taking control of oral health

If you are new to holistic care, it need not be part of the initial treatment. This is truly co-treatment planning, where you play an active role. In a collaborative, low-stress atmosphere, you guide Dr. Fallah toward a treatment plan that addresses your concerns.
  • Your priorities are determined.
  • Your sedation preference is noted. IV sedation is reliable and ideal for an anxious patient or when a lot of work need to be done in one day. Dr. Fallah also offers oral sedation, Alpha-Stim ear clips, and GABA stimulation.
  • The doctor explains any issues he identified during examination, charts them, and documents the discussion. He monitors these conditions at future visits, if you choose not to treat them right away.
  • The front desk discusses financing, including CareCredit.
  • The last step is scheduling the pace of treatment and appointments.

If you are new to holistic care, it need not be part of the initial treatment. Dr. Fallah provides information and reference materials. Only when you are ready, are biological treatments added into the strategy. The treatment plan is flexible, evolving as your understanding of the benefits of holistic care advances.

Holistic dentistry near me in Carlsbad, CA is as close as a call to Dr. Al A. Fallah at (760) 576-2779 .

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