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Holistic cosmetic dentist, Dr. Fallah, mercury free dentist, provides full mouth reconstruction, smile makeovers for his patients in his state-of-the-art dental center.

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Dr. Fallah's Holistic beliefs are that the health of your teeth, gums, temporo-mandibular joints, head and neck muscles, and your bite are an integral part of the total health of your body. As more and more studies suggest connections between oral health and other aspects of physical well-being, holistic methods are becoming increasingly relevant to the field of dentistry.

Dr. Fallah believes that successful oral health involves treating every patient as a whole person and is committed to excellence in this area. As a result of this commitment, Dr. Fallah, accredited by the IAOMT, is able to combine state-of-the art technology with a wide range of natural and biological approaches to oral health. For many years, dentistry has focused almost exclusively on dental problems, without considering the fact that ailments of other parts of the body may be related to dental health. In recent years, however, many doctors have adopted a 'whole body' approach, and are seeing that a holistic approach to dentistry is beneficial to their patients' health, wellness, and longevity. Although holistic dentistry has become much more common, many people do not know the differences between traditional dentistry and holistic dentistry.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

"Holistic" means examining the entire body system, rather than focusing on individual symptoms. Often in medicine, single symptoms can be indicators of a much deeper, more complex problem. Treating the single symptom can often fail to address the underlying medical issue. Holistic dentistry looks at the overall health of each patient as it relates to their dental health. More comprehensive than traditional dentistry, the holistic approach combines both integrative medicine and natural approaches with modern dental diagnostics and treatments. Holistic dentists examine much more than just their patients' teeth. Holistic dentists understand that there are many other factors that may impact dental health, such as bite problems, nutrition and diet, and other imbalances that can cause health issues. A holistic dentist goes beyond simply treating diseases in teeth and gums and looks at the overall health and wellness of each patient.

Why Visit a Holistic Dentist?

Today, many people are seeking more natural ways to treat their health symptoms- and are looking beyond conventional Western medicine. Traditional modern medical treatments usually involve prescription medication or harsh treatments in order to alleviate symptoms. However, these treatment methods can often result in side-effects or complications that can be avoided through a holistic approach.

When visiting a holistic dentist, patients see that the dentist uses a combination of natural healing and modern science to find an effective combination of treatments for each individual. The holistic dentist will focus on the mind, body, and emotional health of the patient, rather than simply the teeth. This treatment process works toward improving overall health and wellness, and as a result of this treatment, the dental health will improve, as well.

A major advantage to using holistic dentistry rather than traditional dentistry is the avoidance of some modern dental treatments that may be associated with other health complications. While many common dental treatments may seem like a proper solution for the teeth, those treatments can often have negative effects on the general health and wellness of the patient.

Differences between traditional dentistry and holistic dentistry: