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Holistic Dentist

Dr. Fallah's Holistic beliefs are that the health of your teeth, gums, temporo-mandibular joints, head and neck muscles, and your bite are an integral part of the total health of your body. As more and more studies suggest connections between oral health and other aspects of physical well-being, holistic methods are becoming increasingly relevant to the field of dentistry.

Dr. Fallah believes that successful oral health involves treating every patient as a whole person and is committed to excellence in this area. As a result of this commitment, Dr. Fallah, accredited by the IAOMT, is able to combine state-of-the art technology with a wide range of natural and biological approaches to oral health.

Why Visit a Holistic Dentist?

As a holistic dentist it is critical to identify and treat any infection in the mouth that would not only jeopardize your oral health, but also may affect your systemic health as microorganisms can easily travel from infected sites in the mouth to other parts of the body. We use many innovative and advanced techniques and technologies to identify and treat such infections in your mouth.

Our Holistic & Biological Dental Services:

  • Safe removal of Mercury amalgam fillings and replacement with biocompatible, durable restorations     
  • Identifying and treating infections of the mouth to promote optimal healing   
  • Identifying and addressing structural stressors of the bite and jaw joints and its dynamic interplay with the neck and the rest of the body
  • Use of natural, biocompatible dental materials
  • Extensive training in sedation dentistry, including licensing in IV and oral sedation, use of natural approaches such as Alpha-Stim, Biomodulator, and other comfort and healing modalities
  • Extensive training and certification in holistic dental health practices, such as Oxygen-Ozone Therapy for dentistry, Huggins Protocols, Fellow of the International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics, Cranial Osteopathic training and Chirodontics
  • Use of precision-based techniques to identify infection in failed root canals, cavitations and other jaw bone infections with very  low radiation 3D ConeBeam  technology (only 49 microsievert of radiation for an extra ordinary diagnostic information)
  • Innovative techniques to treat cavities and avoid root canals
  • Use of lasers, oxygen-ozone, oral probiotics, and biocompatible oral hygiene products to support gum health
  • Use of Ceramic based-Zirconium Implants with CT guided precision placement techniques to replace missing teeth
  • Use of PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) drawn from the patient’s own blood to promote regenerative healing after extractions, implant placement, and treatment of cavitations. The combination of Oxygen-Ozone, and PRF has dramatically improved the healing and comfort of our patients after their oral surgical procedures.        

Advanced procedures, Expert treatment

Because Dr. Fallah is constantly upgrading his skills through continuing study and education (averaging about 150 hours per year), he is able to provide exceptional levels of expertise. Dr. Fallah also works with a network of other healthcare professionals to provide a holistic approach that not only improves your family's oral health but their overall physical well-being.

You can be certain that you and your family are receiving the most advanced holistic dental care available when you visit Dr. Fallah; whether it's our state-of-the art technology, digital X-rays, the convenience of our CEREC one-visit restorations, our extraordinarily comfortable care or our innovative "whole person" approach to dentistry.

Dr. Fallah and his team in Carlsbad, CA treat each patient with a holistic approach and careful use of biocompatible materials that value your body and the long term effects of dentistry on your health. We offer a wide range of treatments including gum recession treatment, full mouth regeneration, and more. If you have questions, please contact us. When you are ready to take the first step to restoring your beautiful smile, send us an appointment request through our convenient online form.  

Holistic Dentistry Approaches Utilize the Safest Dental Techniques and Materials to Improve Your Oral and Systemic Health

When you visit our office, we will focus on finding out what brought you to us, and how we can help you achieve your wellness goals. We will assess areas of decay and infection, any toxic materials that may be in your mouth, the function of your teeth and jaw, and discuss with you the safest most effective ways to achieve your goals. 


Enjoy A Comfortable Atmosphere

Sunny and cheerful, the office entry welcomes you with its earth tones, bright windows, rich wooden floors and unique glass wall design.

You will enjoy comfort and privacy in the inviting consultation area as well as our treatment rooms that feature ceiling and wall-mounted TVs, bright and sunny windows, and state-of-the-art equipment for your dental care that’s delivered with excellence and integrity.

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