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New Patients: (760) 576-2779
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1293 Carlsbad Village Drive Carlsbad, CA 92008 | Directions

Advantages of metal-free dental implants for San Diego patients

Zirconia implants are Biocompatible and enable us to provide our patients with a highly esthetic, strong and healthy option consistently.
Dr. Al A. Fallah offers the healthy option of metal-free restorations, including zirconia dental implants. San Diego area patients are enjoying restored chewing function and beautiful smiles with this body-friendly choice.

Dental implant basics

A dental implant is a prosthetic that replaces the root of a natural tooth. This small screw-shaped device is placed into the jawbone. Over time, bone fuses with the implant to form a solid base, usually for an abutment and dental crown. Conventional dental implants are made of titanium metal alloys. While most people do not have hypersensitivity to titanium, the alloy commonly used for dental implants may contain aluminium, vanadium, or other metals.

The zirconia difference

Metal-free dental implants are made of monolithic zirconia. This means that the implant and the abutment are constructed from one piece of incredibly strong, white ceramic. The initial implantation process is basically the same as described above, but that is where the similarity ends.

Additional benefits of metal-free dental implants
  • Biocompatibility – Zirconia integrates with its surroundings, settling solidly into bone and encouraging a good seal with gums. There is no risk of allergic reaction, and the implant will not affect sense of taste or temperature sensitivity.
  • Aesthetics – It is not unusual to see a gray line at the base of a metal dental implant. While gum recession is unlikely to be triggered by a zirconia implant, should it occur as a part of the aging process, the smile remains white and natural-looking. The tooth colored abutment lets the porcelain crown restoration retain translucency for a better match to adjacent teeth.
  • Corrosion resistant – Zirconia is a bioinert material. It resists chemical corrosion, does not conduct heat or electricity, and does not trigger chemical reactions that could have an impact on your oral health or bodily wellness.
  • Gum health – The point where a titanium dental implant and the abutment connect is below the gum line. Because you cannot brush or floss at this depth, that connection point traps bacteria that contribute to gum disease. The one-piece design of a zirconia implant extends to the gum line. You brush and floss normally for a clean, odor free restoration.
  • Success – The zirconia implants used by Dr. Fallah are precision-engineered to exacting measurements, for ideal fit. The material is strong enough for placement at any area of the mouth. The Journal of Oral Implantology reports that, in a clinical study (, the overall success rate with zirconia implants was 98 percent.
If you would like to learn more about why metal-free dental implants have San Diego patients smiling with healthy confidence, call 760-576-2779 for a consultation with Dr. Fallah.
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