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New Patients: (760) 576-2779
Current Patients: (760) 576-2269
1293 Carlsbad Village Drive Carlsbad, CA 92008 | Directions

"What is the right age to consider cosmetic dentistry?" ask San Diego patients

There was a time when aesthetics was barely a consideration in dentistry. Fortunately, times have changed. Today, in the hands of an ethical dentist who cares about your self-image as well as your oral health, there is a strong effort to make every restoration contribute to a beautiful smile. There is also a broad range of treatments intended solely to enhance appearances. Cosmetic dentistry is responsible for many of the gorgeous smiles you see in the San Diego area. When is the right time of life to consider cosmetic dentistry? Is it ever too soon or too late? Dr. Al A. Fallah shares this insight.

Youthful smiles

Your child’s self-esteem will benefit from dental restorations that look natural, and from early intervention orthodontics, if needed. However, it is usually a good idea to wait until most or all adult teeth have come in to consider cosmetic procedures.

Youth are subject to a great deal of peer pressure in high school and college. Smile quality can be crucial for social acceptance during these years of dating and forming lifelong relationships. Cosmetic dentistry at this stage also prepares a young adult for the next life challenge – getting a job after graduation. Statistics support that those with appealing smiles are more likely to get jobs (and promotions and earn more money) than candidates with similar qualifications but bad teeth.

Empty nesters

For most parents, the wellbeing of their children is top priority. They forego extras for themselves to provide the best for their kids. Once children are grown and have moved out, and maybe the mortgage is paid off, finances are a bit more flexible. This is a terrific time to indulge in the smile of your dreams. Dr. Fallah sees an increasing number of patients at this life stage having dark amalgam fillings replaced with attractive tooth-colored materials, getting lustrous porcelain crowns, or going all out for “smile wow” with dental veneers.

Maturity is changing

Americans are living longer, working later into life, and starting second romances in mature years. There is simply no age at which it is too late to love your look. The boost of self-confidence that comes with a healthy, youthful-looking smile lets others know that you are a vital force in the workplace or on the dating site.

Dr. Fallah recognizes that each patient, smile, budget, and schedule is different. He works with patients to design customized smile makeovers that meet their individual needs. When is the right time to consider cosmetic dentistry? For adult patients in the San Diego area, it is when you want to bring oral health, whole body wellness, and beautiful aesthetics together. Call 760-576-2779 to get started.

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Andre P.

My family I highly recommend Dr. Fallah and his staff and are very grateful for the excellent dental care we received!
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I've been a patient for over a decade. Dr. Fallah and his staff are always timely, professional and they perform great dentistry.
Ryan R.

I had a lot of work done here. A tooth extraction, 7 mercury filling removals, one crown and working through some infection that i had prior to my appointment. Dr Fallah really helped me, and the whole staff was awesome. I would recommend to have work done here. Thanks again Dr Fallah

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