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New Patients: (760) 576-2779
Current Patients: (760) 576-2269
1293 Carlsbad Village Drive Carlsbad, CA 92008 | Directions

Improve your smile and your life with a smile makeover in Carlsbad, CA


Improve Your Smile and Your Life With Smile Makeover in Carlsbad area
Your teeth are important for more than just eating. They play a huge role in one of the physical features people notice the most – your smile! If you aren’t confident in the way your teeth appear, then you are less likely to flash your smile, which can translate into a whole host of negative effects in your work, social, and home life. At the dental practice of Dr. Al Fallah in Carlsbad, CA, we are here to help you improve your smile and your life with a variety of smile makeover options. Whether you are simply interested in making your smile a bit brighter and shinier or are looking for a true transformation, we have options for you.

A reputation for artistry and precision

Patients from not only the Southern California area, but also other states and countries, travel to see Dr. Al Fallah due to his reputation for incredible smile transformations that are not only beautiful and natural-looking, but also help keep your mouth healthy through the use of biocompatible materials and holistic methods. Dr. Fallah is highly skilled and experienced in treating even the most complex of patients. If you have given up on your smile and have been feeling like it is a lost cause, we encourage you to read on!

Types of cosmetic dentistry treatments

Today’s cosmetic dental technologies are a far cry from the clunky, unnatural looking restorations of the past. There are more options than ever before to comfortably improve your smile using natural, safe materials. Dr. Fallah performs a wide variety of cosmetic treatments in his office, and patients may even combine several treatments for a full mouth reconstruction.

Common treatments our patients benefit from include:
  • Porcelain veneers: Today’s ultra-thin, stain-resistant porcelain veneers can make a remarkable change in the appearance of your teeth, hiding chips, cracks, discolorations, and even misshapen, gapped, or slightly crooked teeth.
  • CEREC one-day restorations: Gone are the days of waiting for weeks or months for a dental restoration such as a crown, veneer, and inlay – with CEREC technology, we are able to fabricate natural-looking, sturdy porcelain restorations in our office, so you walk out the door with your new smile!
  • Missing tooth replacements: Missing teeth can not only negatively impact the way your smile looks, but also cause your jawbone to deteriorate over time and create a sunken, hollowed appearance in your face that ages you. One of the biggest changes you can make in your smile is replacing any teeth that have been lost with biocompatible replacement options such as zirconia dental implants, partial dentures, or bridges.
  • Gum lift: Receding gums can not only make your teeth look unhealthy and unnaturally long, but also cause pain and make your teeth susceptible to decay and infection. With the Pinhole Surgical Technique, Dr. Fallah can gently restore your gums to their natural, healthy location.
  • Orthodontics: Dr. Fallah offers neuromuscular orthodontics for pre-adolescent patients, teenagers, and adults. Several different treatment methods can be used to not only align your teeth into a more natural, straight position but also improve the position and functionality of your jaw for a healthier bite and smile.

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If you are suffering from oral health issues such as gum disease or tooth decay, one of the first steps in your smile makeover may be to restore your mouth back to health. This may include treatments for periodontitis, so your gums return to being pink and healthy, or treating dental decay with tooth-colored fillings. When your smile is healthy again, it has the added benefit of improving the appearance of your smile!

Improve your smile, improve your life

Improve your smile and improve your life With Smile Makeover in Carlsbad area We understand that a smile transformation can be a big investment of not only your money, but also your time. But taking the steps to improve your smile can pay dramatic dividends in all areas of your life. When you love your smile and can freely express yourself, it sends the signal to others that you are happy and confident. Smiles are truly infectious, and people love to be around someone who radiates warmth and friendliness. It can even lead to bigger opportunities in your career as you exude an air of professionalism and capability.

Learn more in your personalized consultation

While many dentists offer cosmetic dentistry services, there are several things that set Dr. Fallah apart from the rest. He is incredibly meticulous about every step of the transformation process. From talking about what you’d like to change about your smile, your desired end results, and your medical history to the precise pre-planning, treatment, and follow-up stages, Dr. Fallah is here to answer your questions and guide you through every step of achieving your new, improved smile. Your input is just as important in all these steps, too! In many cases, you can even “try on” your new smile in the form of temporary restorations before we order your final restorations from the lab, so that you can request adjustments in any aspect (such as color, proportions, size, or shape).

Even if you have just started to consider enhancing your smile, we encourage you to call the practice of Dr. Al Fallah in Carlsbad, CA to learn more in a one-on-one consultation. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference your new and improved smile makes! Our office can be reached at (760) 576-2779 . Call us today!

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