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Pin Hole Gum Lift Carlsbad - Smiling Woman Millions of adults are affected by gum recession, a common dental problem in our country. One of the issues with gum recession is that many people do not realize they are losing important tissue. As gums pull away from teeth, pockets form and allow bacteria to settle between soft and hard tissues. Due to the high risk for bacterial infection, it is important to find a successful solution to gum recession.
There are several reasons for the breakdown of gum tissue. Although periodontal disease is the leading cause of the degeneration of healthy gums, we must consider other factors as we plan treatment for each individual patient. Dr. Fallah's consultation and examination will seek to identify causes of recession such as:
  • Smoking or tobacco use
  • Bruxism, which is habitual tooth grinding or clenching of the jaw. Because this habit normally occurs during sleep, it can be difficult for the patient to know if they grind or clench. We typically identify bruxism through symptoms such as excessive wear to teeth or gum recession.
  • Misalignment of teeth and the bite
  • Aggressive brushing that wears away soft tissue
  • Heredity may increase the risk of gum disease and recession

Pin Hole Gum Lift Carlsbad  - Pinhole Gum Lift

We have a gentle, efficient solution to gum recession

Dr. Fallah has trained under the developer of the pinhole surgical technique, Dr. John Chao. This technique has been designed specifically for the least traumatic, most successful restructuring of gum tissue as needed to address recession or cosmetic concerns.
Typically, gum recession is treated with grafting. This technique requires the surgeon to harvest tissue from a donor site, generally from the roof of the mouth. While the ultimate goal of replacing gum tissue around teeth can be achieved with this standard, the method requires more time and more office visits than the pinhole technique used by Dr. Fallah.
The pinhole surgical technique does not involve incisions or sutures. Instead, Dr. Fallah uses a precision instrument to create a tiny hole or holes in the gum tissue that exists in the treatment area. This essentially lets us "stretch" the tissue up as needed to better support the tooth or teeth. Surrounding tissue is not damaged in the process, neither is any donor site - because there isn't one! After we lift gums to their desired position, a collagen membrane is placed over the surgical site to expedite healing. Many of the patients we have treated with this biological oral surgery report feeling minimal post-surgical discomfort. Healing generally occurs within a matter of days rather than weeks, and the result looks natural because the regeneration of gum tissue has occurred.
The gentle nature of the pinhole surgical technique promotes optimal results in a shorter period. For precision dental care designed around your needs and performed in the most holistic manner, call the Carlsbad office of Dr. Fallah.
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