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Choose truly biocompatible ceramic dental implants … a healthy, metal-free alternative to titanium

Zirconia Dental Implants in Carlsbad CA Area

Traditional tooth replacement methods have filled gaps in the smile. Modern methods replace missing teeth and keep the supportive tissues in the jaw strong. Systems that use dental implants are designed to mimic the structure of natural teeth. The implant is surgically placed in the jawbone. Made from a biocompatible material, the implant naturally integrates into the surrounding supportive bone. Once joined to the bone, it stabilizes the prosthetic tooth (like a natural root). The jawbone gets stimulation from the tooth connected to it (through the implant). So, bone loss is avoided.  Zirconia is the material of choice for implants at the office of Dentistry for San Diego in … Continue reading

Reasons you should avoid metal implants and choose ceramic zirconia

Ceramic Zirconia Dental Implants in Carlsbad CA Area

Patients worldwide are becoming increasingly aware of the materials that are going into their bodies for medical purposes. Because of this, many are asking questions like never before to be educated on exactly what materials are being used for treatments. In dentistry, biocompatible materials are becoming very popular since avoiding metals in treatments has proven beneficial to patients’ overall health. If you are in or around Carlsbad, California, and are seeking a holistic dentist that only uses biocompatible materials, the dental practice of Dr. Fallah is the place to be. One treatment that is seeing a shift from metals is … Continue reading

Advantages Of Metal-free Dental Implants For San Diego Patients

Advantages of metal-free dental implants and the difference of zirconia

Zirconia implants are Biocompatible and enable us to provide our patients with a highly esthetic, strong, and healthy option consistently. Dr. Al A. Fallah offers the healthy option of metal-free restorations, including zirconia dental implants. San Diego area patients are enjoying restored chewing function and beautiful smiles with this body-friendly choice. DENTAL IMPLANT BASICS A dental implant is a prosthetic that replaces the root of a natural tooth. This small screw-shaped device is placed into the jawbone. Over time, the bone fuses with the implant to form a solid base, usually for an abutment and dental crown. Conventional dental implants … Continue reading

Carlsbad Dentist Offers Zirconia Dental Implants

Advantages of zirconia dental implants and what is the zirconia dental implants

Carlsbad area patients who visit Dr. Al A. Fallah for tooth replacement solutions are often advised to consider zirconia dental implants. Zirconia dental implants are a metal-free alternative to traditional implants fabricated from titanium. Zirconia is far more biocompatible and provides many benefits to patients. DENTAL IMPLANTS EXPLAINED Patients may be unfamiliar with what dental implants are and how they are used to restore the smile. They can last a lifetime with proper care, eliminating the need for replacements as is seen with bridges and dentures. Dental implants are placed into the jawbone and then restored with a crown, bridge, or … Continue reading

Dentist In Carlsbad, Ca Explains The Difference Between Zirconia And Titanium Dental Implants

What is the difference between zirconia and titanium dental implants

Restoring the smile after tooth loss is necessary to maintain the function, beauty, and health of the mouth. When patients are faced with tooth loss due to injury, disease, or extraction, they need to choose a method of restoration. The three most common types of tooth replacement are: Dental implants Dentures Dental bridges Patients seeking a permanent option can visit their dentist’s office in Carlsbad, California, and learn about the advantages of dental implants. Our practice offers zirconia implants instead of traditional titanium dental implants. ZIRCONIA VS. TITANIUM DENTAL IMPLANTS Titanium dental implants have been used for many years in … Continue reading

Carlsbad Dentist Describes Benefits Of Zirconia Vs Titanium Dental Implants

The benefits of zirconia and titanium dental implants

An estimated three million people in America have dental implants and another 500,000 a year are taking advantage of this innovation. Are you missing one or more teeth? Are you dissatisfied with the fit and stability of a denture? Are you interested in a metal-free, long-term tooth replacement option? Zirconia dental implants may be a good solution. Dr. Al A. Fallah offers this service at his Carlsbadholistic dental practice. CARLSBAD ZIRCONIA DENTAL IMPLANTS: THE BASICS Each component of your mouth is part of a complex symbiosis. Tooth roots extend into the jawbone, providing the stability necessary to tear and grind food into digestible bits. There is … Continue reading

Dentist In Carlsbad, Ca Offers Hygiene Tips For Patients With Zirconia Dental Implants

Tips for patients with zirconia dental implants for more information, visit us today

Have you recently had a tooth replaced with a dental implant? Are you happy with the natural look and feel of your new tooth? Do you want to do everything in your power to be sure it lasts a lifetime? Dr. Al A. Fallah, a holistic dentist serving health-conscious patients throughout the Carlsbad, CA area, offers this helpful information about zirconia dental implants. WHAT MAKES ZIRCONIA IMPLANTS UNIQUE? Since their introduction into modern dentistry in the early 1980s, most dental implants have been made of titanium. This hard, silver-gray metal is strong, lightweight, and resists corrosion. The alloy used for implants contains palladium, ruthenium, nickel, and other … Continue reading

Carlsbad dentist explains the advantages of zirconia dental implants for a healthier mouth and body

about zirconia implants and advantages of zirconia dental implants

If you are suffering from a dental infection, such as a root canal-treated tooth that still has lingering bacterial infiltration, it can cause both oral health problems as well as compromise the health of your entire body as it tries to manage the systemic inflammation from the underlying infection. Traditional options for replacing an infected tooth include the placement of a titanium dental implant or a bridge or denture. However, at the holistic dental practice of Dr. Al Fallah in Carlsbad, CA, your overall health and well-being are an integral component of every dental treatment that we provide. Zirconia dental implants, coupled with health-promoting … Continue reading

Carlsbad Dentist Helps Patients Understand The Benefits Of Zirconia Dental Implants

what are the benefits of zirconia dental implants

Adults who have a damaged or decaying tooth that needs to be removed or those who have recently lost a tooth should carefully consider their options for tooth replacement. While some patients consider extraction without replacement, dentists agree that filling the gap is important for the overall health of the mouth and remaining teeth. There are several replacement tooth options available, including dental implants, dentures, and bridge and crown appliances. While these are all strong options for most patients, Dr. Al Fallah often recommends zirconia dental implants. WHAT ARE DENTAL IMPLANTS? Simply put, a dental implant is a replacement tooth root. Dr. Fallah … Continue reading

Exploring The Benefits Of Zirconia Dental Implants In Carlsbad, Ca

What are the benefits of zirconia dental implants

Although there are several options for replacing missing teeth, only dental implants can replace the roots. They provide an unmatched level of stability and functionality, as well as preserving the health of your jawbone. That is why Dr. Al Fallah is proud to offer this treatment at his Carlsbad, CA office. Furthermore, he exclusively uses zirconia dental implants, which have several advantages over the more common titanium type. HOW ARE ZIRCONIA IMPLANTS DIFFERENT? There are two types of dental implants. The conventional type is titanium which has been used for 40 years. However, zirconia also has a long history of successful use in … Continue reading

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What our patients say about Zirconia dental implants

Patient review for Zirconia dental implants in Carlsbad, CA

I recently had two implants done with Dr. Fallah. It was very good experience. Dr. Fallah is very patient, caring and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dr Fallah and to your wonderful staff for putting smile back in my face.
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Dr. Fallah is an exceptional dentist who treats patients in Carlsbad, San Diego, and beyond with consummate expertise. He provides holistic care with compassion and excellence. Due to Dr. Fallah’s extensive education, experience and skill, he can offer his patients many options and choices in the care they receive. Dr. Fallah believes in co-creating the optimal treatment options together with his patients to suit their unique requirements.

Some of his many achievements:
  • Graduate of UCLA Dental School 1987 (scored in top 6 percent of the national boards)
  • Master of International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics
  • Accredited by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
  • Certified by the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine
  • Has extensive experience and training in the use of the Zirconia Dental Implants, especially the Swiss Dental Solutions (SDS) and the Z system
  • Extensive experience in biological oral surgery using Ozone and PRF
  • Graduate of the prestigious residency program in Contemporary Esthetic Dentistry
  • Graduate of Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
  • Licensed in IV and oral conscious sedation
  • Certified Provider of DNA, mRNA, and other sleep and TMD appliances
  • Certified Invisalign provider
  • Extensive training in neuromuscular orthodontics
  • Founding member of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy

Dr. Fallah is renowned for providing advanced, cosmetic, and restorative treatments while safeguarding their health with holistic and biological principles. We welcome you to call Dr. Fallah’s office today to experience exceptional dental care!