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Makeover your smile with biocompatible porcelain veneers

Smile Makeovers in Carlsbad CA Area

When it comes to your smile, you want every facet of it to be perfect. A dazzling white smile full of straight, perfectly aligned teeth is the dream of many, yet achieved by few. There was a time when cosmetic dental services which could make such a smile possible were expensive and available only to the rich and famous. In recent years, a perfect smile has become much more attainable. Because of this, smile makeovers are more popular than they have ever been. Dr. Fallah welcomes patients into his Carlsbad, California practice to discuss how he can help achieve the … Continue reading

How does one choose a cosmetic dentist in the San Diego area?

How does choose a cosmetic dentist in San Diego

Dr. Al A. Fallah offers comprehensive dental services to patients of his Carlsbad, CA, practice, only a brief and pleasant drive from San Diego. We offer all the services that people ordinarily expect from a general dentistry practice. Our practice, however, is not ordinary! Patients can expect exceptional holistic dentistry services, as well as an expanded range of services. One area of excellence our practice is known for is cosmetic dentistry, including various services that may be combined for a complete smile makeover. Aesthetic services include such things as dental veneers and partials, for example. In order to choose a … Continue reading

“What is the right age to consider cosmetic dentistry?” ask san Diego patients

An efficient process of veneers orthodontics improves the look of smiles.

There was a time when aesthetics was barely a consideration in dentistry. Fortunately, times have changed. Today, in the hands of an ethical dentist who cares about your self-image as well as your oral health, there is a strong effort to make every restoration contribute to a beautiful smile. There is also a broad range of treatments intended solely to enhance appearances. Cosmetic dentistry is responsible for many of the gorgeous smiles you see in the San Diego area. When is the right time of life to consider cosmetic dentistry? Is it ever too soon or too late? Dr. Al … Continue reading

Transform your smile with “Instant orthodontics” from Carlsbad dentist

An efficient process of veneers orthodontics improves the look of smiles.

According to Delta Dental, about one million American adults wear braces. The average treatment time is 18 months to three years, followed by indefinite use of a retainer. Orthodontics may be appropriate for severely misaligned teeth, bite problems, or TMJ disorders. The primary motivator for orthodontics, however, is appearance. Most patients want to improve the look of their smiles. Dr. Al A. Fallah offers a fast alternative for cosmetic straightening. Dental veneers are often referred to as “instant orthodontics,” and they are transforming smiles in the Carlsbad area. VENEER BASICS Porcelain is a strong ceramic material that has the translucency … Continue reading

Smile makeover vs. Full mouth reconstruction: Carlsbad cosmetic and general dentist describes the difference

About full dental care mouth reconstruction

Your mouth serves three distinct and important purposes. It gives a totally unique quality to your appearance. It also enables you to ingest foods and communicate clearly. The terms “smile makeover” and “full mouth reconstruction” are sometimes used interchangeably with regard to significant dental work. Actually, there are similarities and differences. Carlsbad cosmetic and general dentist, Dr. Al A. Fallah, explains. DENTAL CARE YOU CHOOSE You might think of a smile makeover is a combination of treatments intended to enhance the appearance of your smile – dental care you choose to have performed. Dr. Fallah begins by taking time to understand your goals, reviewing before … Continue reading

San Diego cosmetic dentistry services available for patients of dr. Al fallah

Cosmetic dentistry services available for patients schedule a visit today

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the aesthetics of the smile. Dr. Fallah and his staff encourage patients in the San Diego area to consider the benefits of treatment when imperfections of the smile arise. COSMETIC DENTISTRY SERVICES AVAILABLE Dr. Fallah is excited to offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services. CEREC – patients interested in same-day restorations such as crowns, bridges, or veneers may enjoy the advantages of the CEREC technology available at our practice.Partial dentures – when teeth are missing within the smile, partial dentures can be used to restore function and beauty with high quality restorations.Veneers – covering imperfections … Continue reading

Carlsbad, Ca Patients Enjoy The Convenience Of Cerec Dental Crowns, Onlays, Inlays And Veneers.

Cost of cerec dental crowns convenience of cerec dental crowns and onlays

A healthy, youthful-looking smile is naturally attractive. Dr. Al A. Fallah helps patients in the Carlsbad, CA area refine their smiles with restorative and cosmetic treatments, including Porcelain Veneers and CEREC dental crowns Onlays, Inlays, and Veneers. A NEW SMILE BEGINS WITH YOU At Al A. Fallah, DDS, MICCMO, AIAOMT, the smile makeover process is a little different than what you might expect or may have experienced at other dental practices. It starts with your wish list – whatever you would like to change about your smile – color, spacing, crowding, or other elements that constitute your dream smile. During this phase, you can expect Dr. … Continue reading

Carlsbad, Ca Dentist Provides Customized Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Al A. Fallah, takes a personalized approach to smile makeovers and full mouth reconstruction. In Carlsbad

Does your smile look yellowed and dingy? Perhaps a specific tooth is dark, broken, or missing? Are your teeth crooked, crowded, or unevenly spaced? Do you hide your smile with a downturned head, protective hand, or bushy mustache? Dr. Al A. Fallah provides cosmetic services at his Carlsbad, CA office to restore confidence in your smile. As a holistic dentist, you can be sure he uses only bio-friendly materials and techniques to get your grin gleaming. TREATMENT OPTIONS FROM COSMETIC DENTIST IN CARLSBAD, CA In Dr. Fallah’s care, a cosmetic consultation begins with your wish list. At this stage, your opinion is of utmost importance. … Continue reading

Porcelain Veneers: A Staple Of Cosmetic Dentistry In Carlsbad, Ca

Dr. Al A. Fallah takes a holistic approach to cosmetic dentistry, using biocompatible materials and safe methods for smile beautification with porcelain veneers, crowns, and other techniques.

Does your smile lack the brightness and symmetry you see on TV anchors and movie stars? Are you tired of trying to ignore cosmetic imperfections when you look in the mirror? Would you like to feel more confident that your smile is appealing to others and complements your facial features? Cosmetic dentistry offers many solutions, with porcelain veneers being a premier option. Dr. Al A. Fallahin Carlsbad, CA shares this helpful information. VENEERS AND CROWNS While veneers have been around since the 1930s, dental crowns have a much longer history dating back to an early Italian culture in 800 BC when they were used for both … Continue reading

improve your smile and your life with a smile makeover in Carlsbad, ca

Improve your smile and your life with a smile makeover. Call Dr. Al Fallah in Carlsbad, CA

Your teeth are important for more than just eating. They play a huge role in one of the physical features people notice the most – your smile! If you aren’t confident in the way your teeth appear, then you are less likely to flash your smile, which can translate into a whole host of negative effects in your work, social, and home life. At the dental practice of Dr. Al Fallah in Carlsbad, CA, we are here to help you improve your smile and your life with a variety of smile makeover options. Whether you are simply interested in making your smile a bit brighter and shinier … Continue reading

We are proud of the personal attention we offer to each of our patients and we extend an invitation to you to experience the benefits of compassionate holistic dental care from our team in Carlsbad, CA.
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What our patients say about Zirconia dental implants

Patient review for Zirconia dental implants in Carlsbad, CA

I recently had two implants done with Dr. Fallah. It was very good experience. Dr. Fallah is very patient, caring and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dr Fallah and to your wonderful staff for putting smile back in my face.
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Dr. Al A. Fallah image
Dr. Fallah is an exceptional dentist who treats patients in Carlsbad, San Diego, and beyond with consummate expertise. He provides holistic care with compassion and excellence. Due to Dr. Fallah’s extensive education, experience and skill, he can offer his patients many options and choices in the care they receive. Dr. Fallah believes in co-creating the optimal treatment options together with his patients to suit their unique requirements.

Some of his many achievements:
  • Graduate of UCLA Dental School 1987 (scored in top 6 percent of the national boards)
  • Master of International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics
  • Accredited by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
  • Certified by the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine
  • Has extensive experience and training in the use of the Zirconia Dental Implants, especially the Swiss Dental Solutions (SDS) and the Z system
  • Extensive experience in biological oral surgery using Ozone and PRF
  • Graduate of the prestigious residency program in Contemporary Esthetic Dentistry
  • Graduate of Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
  • Licensed in IV and oral conscious sedation
  • Certified Provider of DNA, mRNA, and other sleep and TMD appliances
  • Certified Invisalign provider
  • Extensive training in neuromuscular orthodontics
  • Founding member of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy

Dr. Fallah is renowned for providing advanced, cosmetic, and restorative treatments while safeguarding their health with holistic and biological principles. We welcome you to call Dr. Fallah’s office today to experience exceptional dental care!