Why patients in Carlsbad, CA like the look of zirconia implants

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Patients of Dr. Al A. Fallah love the beauty and biocompatibility of metal-free zirconia dental implants. In Carlsbad,

Are you tired of a silvery flash when you smile, or teeth that look gray and dull? If you grew up prior to 1980, there’s a good chance you have metal in your mouth – silver-colored amalgam fillings, a metal core crown, or in a bridge or partial denture. If you had a dental implant in the 80s or 90s, it is also likely to be made of metal. Dr. Al A. Fallah brings attractive alternatives including zirconia implants to patients in the Carlsbad, CA area.


Dental implant placement

It is a common misperception that a dental implant is the artificial tooth you see when you smile. In truth, an implant is a man-made tooth root that takes the place of one that is missing – congenitally or due to trauma, periodontal disease, or extraction. Ideally, the implant should be no more visible in your smile than a natural tooth root.


The implant is a small screw-shaped post. In a well-planned and computer-guided oral surgery, it is precisely positioned in the jawbone. Over time, the implant becomes integrated into bone. This creates a solid foundation for a restoration. Most commonly, dental implants are used to replace individual missing teeth. In this scenario, the implant is topped with a crown. Again, ideally it should be indistinguishable from a natural tooth.


When implantology became part of mainstream dentistry in this country in the early 1980s, dental implants were made of titanium alloys. Titanium is a strong, lightweight metal. Its value in orthopedic surgeries was well documented. About 5% of the population has allergy to Titanium. Less than half of 1% of the population has allergy to Zirconia. Also,, titanium has a gray metallic color and aesthetics is much more of a concern with you smile. Furthermore, unlike Titanium, Zirconia is electrically inert to the meridian points with superior health of its surrounding gum tissue and esthetics.


What is zirconia?

An oxide is any chemical compound that contains at least one atom of oxygen. Through a meticulous laboratory process, zirconium dioxide (with two atoms of oxygen) is transformed into a pure crystalline structure, hard enough substitute for a diamond! Zirconia has many engineering properties that make it desirable in several high-tech industries. However, its biocompatibility, strength, and aesthetics make zirconia ideal for dental ceramics.


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Zirconia implants are an attractive option in Carlsbad, CA

Image of a mother & daughter smilling with showing their brighter teeth

Back to our earlier discussion, in the 1980s dental implants were made of gray titanium, and they were usually restored with porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. This usually resulted in a functional replacement tooth, but the crown lacked the translucency and light reflecting qualities of a natural tooth. In addition, the implant could often be seen as gray discoloration at the gum line.


A zirconia dental implant topped with a CEREC or lab-made solid porcelain crown is a beautiful alternative.


A zirconia implant is, by its very chemical composition, white like tooth structure. If you have thin gum tissue (a hereditary trait) a zirconia implant will not give a gray cast. In addition, if gums recede with age, the implant continues to look natural. With an all ceramic crown, this is the most realistic looking tooth replacement option available today.


A metal-free mouth is more than a pretty smile

As a holistic, biological dentist, Dr. Fallah offers a range of non-metal treatment options. In addition to aesthetics, here are some of the reasons his patients choose metal-free smiles:

  • No mercury – Silver-colored amalgam has a significant (about 50 percent) mercury component. Use and handling of inorganic mercury is highly-regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and other state and federal authorities. Why? It is a potent neurotoxin. Many health-conscious individuals simply do not want mercury a few inches from their brains. Composite resin and porcelain dental restorations contain no mercury.
  • Non-reactive – Metal-free dental materials will not discolor or pit from acids in beverages and foods.
  • Non-corrosive – Corrosion is an electrochemical reaction that breaks down an otherwise stable material. Metals corrode – ceramics and resins do not.
  • No galvanism – When multiple metals are present in the moist environment of the mouth, they create electrical currents that may contribute to a variety of health issues.
  • Minimal risk of allergy – Most metals used in dentistry are alloys, some containing nickel. An estimated 30 percent of our population has metal allergies.
  • Non-conductive – Metal restorations quickly conduct heat and cold to delicate nerves in the mouth. Porcelain and composites, however, insulate sensitive teeth.


Can zirconia implants make a healthy, attractive difference in your smile? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Fallah to find out. The number in Carlsbad, CA is 760-576-2779.




Are you considering cosmetic dental care in Carlsbad, CA?

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Image of a lady checking her teeth by a dentist

Have you been known to duck into the next room when someone suggests a group photo? Do your professional head shots show only a Mona Lisa smile? Would you like to flash a broad, confident grin when introduced to new people? Then you are smart to explore cosmetic dental care. Dr. Al A. Fallah in Carlsbad, CAencourages you to consider these important points as you start your journey to a more beautiful smile.


Have a good idea of what you want

Any qualified dentist will have a professional opinion about which aspects of your smile can be improved with cosmetic services. However, it is YOUR satisfaction that matters. You can help the dentist guide you toward the right treatment choices by clearly explaining what you do not like about your smile, and how you would like it to look at the conclusion of your makeover.


The best way to do this is to set aside a few private moments, ideally in a room with a:

  • Mirror
  • Window
  • Fluorescent light
  • Incandescent light


Bring paper and pencil and shut the door so you won’t be disturbed. Sit in front of the mirror, with face and shoulders relaxed (your mouth will likely be closed or only slightly open). Look at your face from the front and side. Jot down how you feel about your skin, lips, profile, and neck.


Make all sorts of facial expressions – a shy and thoughtful smile, an enthusiastic grin, a hearty laugh – in natural and artificial lighting. Try speaking and singing, too. Make notes about what


you see in the mirror. Do you like the color of your teeth? Is the position of one tooth quite noticeable? What about alignment and spacing? Does the shape, size, and color of your mouth match your skin tone and hair style? Be sure to note features you DO like, as well as those that cause you concern.


Finally, think about the practical side of a smile makeover and add those thoughts to your list. What is your budget? How flexible is your schedule in upcoming months? Do you smoke? Chew gum? Grind and clench your teeth? Brush and floss diligently?


This exercise only takes a few minutes, and it puts you in a terrific position to begin your search for a cosmetic dentistry provider. Meanwhile, gather photos of smiles you love, to take along to your consultation.

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Choosing a provider

Image of a smilling lady with a brighter teeth

Cosmetic dentistry is not a specialty recognized by the American Dental Association or licensing authorities. Rather it describes a dentist’s commitment to providing services intended to improve the appearance of the smile, whether those treatments also serve a restorative purpose.


In the care of a dentist with this mindset, virtually every treatment has a cosmetic facet. Consider that periodontal maintenance keeps gum tissue pink and healthy and avoids recession. That complements the look of teeth. Fillings and crowns should blend with the color of existing dentition, not draw attention away from it. Other procedures such as porcelain veneers are intended specifically to enhance appearance. Yet cosmetic dentistry should in no way compromise oral health (more on this in a moment).


Though cosmetic dentistry is not an acknowledged area of professional specialization, a dentist may choose to concentrate on it in his or her selection of required annual continuing education classes and special coursework. For example, Dr. Fallah completed a one-year residency in Contemporary Aesthetic Dentistry, is a graduate of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and is certified in Invisalign treatment. In addition, he has more than a decade of experience creating radiantly healthy smiles that exceed the expectations of his patients.


Carlsbad, CA – where cosmetic and holistic dental care meet

Dr. Fallah provides a full range of cosmetic dental services, including:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental bonding
  • Mercury-free tooth-colored fillings
  • Non-metal ceramic crowns and bridges
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Zirconia dental implants
  • Invisalign and orthodontics
  • Partial and full dentures
  • Minimally-invasive gum lift


metic dental careat his Carlsbad, CAoffice is that you don’t have to choose between healthy dentistry and a smile that looks great. Dr. Fallah is a holistic dentist. His practice is devoted to providing the safest possible treatment, with biocompatible materials and techniquesthat work to improve the overall condition – physical and emotional – of each patient.


Are you ready to learn more about treatments to transform your smile? Call 760-576-2779 to schedule a relaxed consultation with Dr. Fallah.




In Carlsbad, CA, IV sedation fits seamlessly into holistic dental care

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IV sedation fits seamlessly into holistic dental care

Is the concept of biological dental care new to you? Do you envision aromatherapy, herbs, and acupuncture? While ancient alternative medicine has its place in holistic dentistry, the field is actually a combination of the healthiest aspects of conventional dental techniques, leading edge technologies, and bio-friendly materials. For Dr. Al A. Fallah in Carlsbad, CA, the goal of treatment is to help each patient achieve the healthiest possible oral state that contributes to physical and emotional wellness. Keep reading to learn how IV sedation is part of that plan.


Why IV sedation makes sense in holistic dental care

Carlsbad, CA is a hot spot for custom car enthusiasts. If a mechanic needed to fix the choke valve to keep a hot rod running at peak performance, he probably wouldn’t try to do it under the hood. He would remove the carburetor from the intake manifold to make necessary repairs, without risking harm to the rest of the engine, before replacing the assembly.


Wouldn’t it be great if dental problems could be tackled the same way? If the dentist could simply take the lower jaw out of your mouth to extract a tooth or repair a cavitation, then put it back - there’d be no physical or emotional trauma. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way with the human machine. Each bodily system has an intimate connection with all others. Holistic dentistry is an approach to oral care that considers the entire wellbeing of the patient - mouth, body, and spirit.


While Dr. Fallah is known for a light hand, just the idea of having dental work causes some patients a great deal of anxiety. Even those who are quite calm in the chair may experience jaw, neck, and back strain from a lengthy procedure. Others have conditions that make it difficult to sit still for the duration of a dental appointment.

Dr. Fallah offers a menu of comfort options to resolve these issues:

  • NuCalm - This system uses homeopathic supplements, light-blocking eyewear, and headphones with pleasant neuroacoustic sounds to relax anxiety responses in the brain. Its revitalizing effect can last days after your dental appointment.
  • Alpha-Stim - Relaxing microcurrent technology, painlessly delivered through an ear clip, reduces need for anesthesia (fewer numbing injections).
  • Oral conscious sedation - Dr. Fallah has offered oral sedation for more than 15 years. This medication in the valium family is taken in pill form before a dental appointment, to help you relax.
  • Intravenous sedation - This medication is introduced into a vein for a quick and reliable sedative influence.


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IV sedation - safe and effective

IV Sedation Dental Care Carlsbad CA - safe and effective

It is important to understand the difference between a pain block, anesthesia, and sedation.


While still commonly referred to as Novocain, other numbing agents are now used more frequently in the dental office. Local anesthetic is injected in or near the problem area of the mouth. Within a few minutes, it blocks pain-sensing chemical receptors on nerve cells. Local anesthetic numbs tissues, but it does not calm anxiety. Numbing is necessary for many procedures, yet for patients with a fear of needles, pain-blocking injections may cause additional nervousness.


General anesthesia is a combination of inhaled gas and intravenous drugs intended to induce a state of complete unconsciousness - essentially a carefully-controlled medically-induced coma. While general anesthesia is sometimes used for extensive dental work, it should be administered only by a licensed anesthesiologist who constantly monitors the patient’s condition. Under general anesthesia, you are not able to respond to verbal cues. Intubation is necessary, since the drugs paralyze muscles necessary for breathing. It takes some time to recover from “general,” and you have no memory of the procedure.


Intravenous sedation has become a popular choice at Al A. Fallah, DDS, MICCMO, AIAOMT. When Dr. Fallah saw, during advanced training, how beneficial IV sedation was, he became licensed to administer it. Now his patients have this convenience on-site, without the expense of bringing in an anesthesiologist.


This form of sedation induces a deep state of relaxation within about two minutes. The dosage is precisely titrated throughout treatment to maintain this sense of calm, at a level of consciousness where you can still communicate and cooperate, and breathing is not depressed. Drowsiness wears off in an hour or so after the IV is removed, and there is a mild amnesic effect.


IV sedation is just one of the ways Dr. Fallah helps patients be well, in mind, mouth, and body. Call 760-576-2779 for holistic dental care tailored to your needs.



Women suffering TMJ disorders find relief with dental treatment in Carlsbad

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Women suffering TMJ disorders find relief with dental treatment

Has the discomfort and alienation of temporomandibular joint disorder deeply affected your quality of life? You are not alone. An estimated ten million Americans have this condition, and an astounding 90 percent of them are women, mostly of childbearing age. TMD can wreak havoc with your physical health and peace of mind. Carlsbad dentist, Dr. Al A. Fallah provides answers and treatment solutions for TMJ disorders.


Lifelong challenge

For many women, TMD is a daily struggle faced silently and unaided. Maybe you have had obvious symptoms such as jaw pain, locked jaw, and joint noises (grinding, clicks, and pops) for such a long time that you take them for granted. Possibly you have undergone all sorts of inconclusive tests for generalized facial pain, earaches, and tinnitus. Perhaps doctors have treated your chronic headaches or migraines with pain medications that dull your senses. Other health problems could be related to TMJ disorder and you do not realize it.


TMD is so commonplace among women, and females tend to be so stoic, that it is often viewed as something you just have to deal with, along with all the other demands of a busy life.


The offhand attitude of others further adds to a woman’s TMD distress. If you have openly discussed your TMD symptoms, the conversation may have been met with dismissive statements like:

  • It’s all in your head.
  • Stop complaining.
  • That’s a trendy made up ailment.
  • Oh, I have that, too. Everyone does.
  • Just take a pill.


While the comments could be well-meaning, they belie the impact of TMD on your life. Unfortunately, the stress of keeping your discomfort to yourself can aggravate the situation.


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Why women?

Why women - Carlsbad TMJ Disorders Treatment

Bruxism - teeth grinding, clenching, or gnashing - is a big factor in TMD, and often the result of stress. While men certainly have stress, too, in our fast-paced modern culture, women are often the multi-taskers. Ladies juggle responsibilities and oversight of running a household, raising children, holding full-time careers, and maintaining a social life. Resulting stress comes from all directions.


Several medical conditions that are more prevalent in the female gender also contribute to TMD. A young woman’s body reaches peak bone density several years early than a man’s, and has less bone mass overall. Ladies, on average, live longer and don’t assimilate as much calcium. Their rate of bone loss accelerates from hormonal changes  during pregnancy, oral contraceptives, and when estrogen levels fall following menopause. That increases incidence of osteoarthritis affecting jaw joints. Women are also more prone to develop fibromyalgia.


There is evidence that the temporomandibular joints in women have slightly different construction than a man’s jaw. There is less collagen holding the disk between the ball and socket. Menstruation also contributes to certain vitamin deficiencies related to joint disorders.


Adding to all of that is the fact that women are just as likely as men to have dental problems. Occlusion refers to bite, or the relationship of the upper and lower arches of teeth when you close your mouth. Malocclusion occurs when this relationship is askew. Overcrowding, overjet, overbite, cross bite, open bite, underbite, diastema and spacing issues, missing or worn-down teeth, impacted teeth, and poorly designed, broken, or worn dental work can throw the mouth out of balance and place unusual strain on delicate temporomandibular joints.


Compassionate dental treatment

In Dr. Fallah’s care, open, two-way communication is one of the most important facets of TMD treatment. He listens intently as you discuss health symptoms (including those that seem unrelated to your jaws), and he asks questions about medical history and lifestyle factors that may trigger jaw discomfort.


Then, his attention turns to accurate diagnosis, using leading edge technologies and techniques. A 3D CBCT scan of the head and neck helps to identify soft and hard tissue abnormalities. A hands-on approach with palpation of muscles, and T-scan assessment of bite and range of motion provide further information. Neuromuscular/temporomandibular function diagnostics is a series of K7 EMG scans to evaluate muscle reaction to jaw movements, and imbalances from the neck down.


Once your condition is properly assessed, Dr. Fallah develops a personalized treatment plan, integrated with other healthcare professionals if necessary. Strategy may involve bite correction with orthodontics or dental restoration techniques, chiropractic treatment, stress management, and other therapies.


At Al A. Fallah, DDS, MICCMO, AIAOMT in Carlsbad, TMJ disorders treatment begins with genuine concern. Call 760-576-2779 to schedule a consultation.




Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

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Dr. Fallah and his entire office make every effort to offer the most comfortable and personalized attention possible to each patient visiting the lovely and relaxing dental offices in the Carlsbad (northern coastal San Diego) area.  They endeavor to make sure patients are happy with their experiences and are treated with the latest, state-of-the art dental techniques.

One of Dr. Fallah's latest advanced dental services is a brilliant new gum rejuvenation technique that is offered by only a few dentists in the world. 


 Gum Rejuvenation
Conventional vs Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation


This new less invasive and much faster treatment than traditional gum surgery for gum recession is called Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation or the "Lunchtime Gumlift." 


As seen on the TV show "The Doctors" - this receding gum treatment is fast, safe and nearly completely pain-free.  It can be done so quickly that you literally can be treated during your lunch hour. 


Benefits of Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation 



This latest gum rejuvenation technique is so non-invasive and so gentle that it is almost entirely painless.  Patients are amazed at how comfortable this gum treatment actually is -- and how they do not have to have stitches! 



Dr. Fallah treats 4-6 teeth per hour with the Pinhole Gum technique as opposed to the 1-2 teeth an hour speed of the traditional gum grafting.   Because so much gum area can be treated in a single day - multiple trips to the dentist are not required for repeated gum graftings. 



The state-of-the-art Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation treatment has been proved to effective  (see study results below) and can provide results you hope for almost immediately that last long-term. 



The incision size is literally the size of a pinhole - and DOES NOT required stitches. 



Traditional gum surgery required 3 weeks for healing.  Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation only needs 1 day. 
If you are concerned about gum recession, need a solution, but are worried about the time, pain and inconvenience of gum surgery, contact Dr. Fallah's office today and arrange for your quick and easy "Lunchtime Gumlift."

Call today to meet your friendly and caring San Diego Holistic Dentist - Dr. Fallah - 760-730-1600
and relax in our comfortable, state-of-the-art surroundings...

Dr. John Chao researched, refined and developed the new gum recession treatment technique. A 33-month study of 43 patients with 121 gum recessions using the Pinhole Surgical Technique™ was published in the October 2012 issue of The International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry. The results of this study indicated that the technique was as successful as traditional gum grafting procedures requiring surgery,  cutting and sutures.  It also reported that patients who underwent the Pinhole Surgical Technique™ indicated there was virtually no pain, no bleeding and that they were highly satisfied with the rapid transformation of the defective gum line. (Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent 2012; 32: 521-531.)




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