Phasing out of dental amalgam, the main focus at Minamata Convention

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Dental Amalgam & Minamata Convention on Mercury of Carlsbad CA area

As a holistic dental practice, Dr. Al A. Fallah and the team understand amalgam has no place in our patients’ mouths. And we’re encouraged that the international community is making big strides toward phasing down this mercury-containing filling material worldwide.


During the third Minamata Convention on Mercury in Geneva, Switzerland this winter, delegates from around the globe committed themselves to reducing the use of mercury-tainted products; specifically, mercury-containing dental products. In fact, delegates from Indonesia, Africa, and the European Union discussed processes to not only draw down the use of dental amalgams, but to phase them out completely!


In this newer year, representatives from the United States and more than 100 other countries are accelerating measures to significantly reduce and, in some cases, eliminate amalgam by the time of the next convention in November 2020. The EU alone has banned the use of amalgam among children aged 15 and younger, as well as pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. We commend the efforts of the convention. Thanks to strength in numbers, we envision a world where the public health and environmental damage done by amalgam is history.


To find out more about what’s being done to end amalgam in dentistry worldwide, we encourage you to read here …Read More




Achieve a healthy, beautiful smile with holistic dental care in Carlsbad, CA

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Healthy Smile With Holistic Dental Care Carlsbad area

Dr. Fallah, a holistic dentist in Carlsbad, CA and his team have a simple approach that consists of:
Discovering what your goals are for your mouth and your health


  1. Use of the Ultra Low Dose CBCT and other imaging, and DNA techniques to discover hidden infections that are adversely affecting your health
  2. Providing you with treatment options that are in your highest good
  3. Treating your dental needs with the highest level of expertise, techniques and the best equipment possible

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Dr. Al Fallah provides several gum recession treatment options for a healthier smile in Carlsbad, CA

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Gum Recession Treatment in Carlsbad CA area

Receding gums can be painful and embarrassing, and can be caused by a number of conditions that you have no control over, such as your genetics, traumatic injury, or grinding your teeth while you sleep. Sometimes, adopting some simple oral hygiene habits can help return your gums to their proper place, but in other cases, more aggressive treatment is needed. Fortunately, patients in the area of Carlsbad, CA have several gum recession treatment options at the dental practice of Dr. Al Fallah.

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Minimally-invasive gum recession treatment in Carlsbad, CA

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Gum Recession Treatment in Carlsbad CA area

Does it look like your teeth have gotten longer? Do you have dark triangles between teeth, at the gum line? Does flossing feel different than it used to? You could have a dental condition called gum recession. Dr. Al A. Fallah is trained in an innovative treatment. Men and women in Carlsbad, CA and across the region are taking advantage of this non-surgical technique that provides immediate results.


Why gums recede

Although genetics plays some role in the shade, healthy gums are

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Patients in Carlsbad, CA benefit from comfortable, aesthetic partial dentures

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Partial Dentures in Carlsbad CA area

Have missing teeth affected your enjoyment of eating? Do you hide your smile, or lisp when you speak? Maybe you are not a good candidate for (Zirconia)dental implants or you do not want implants. Partial dentures could be a good solution, and you have aesthetic, metal-free options at Al A. Fallah, DDS, MICCMO, AIAOMT in Carlsbad, CA.


The role of partial dentures in a holistic strategy

A full set of functioning teeth is an essential element in a biological

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Tips from Carlsbad, CA dentist on caring for porcelain veneers

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provides Porcelain Veneers in Carlsbad CA area

Have you dreamt of flashing a radiant smile with even, white teeth? Maybe you already know that porcelain veneers could give you that confidence in the office, on the sales floor, or on the dating scene, but you are concerned about how to protect this investment. Carlsbad, CA dentist, Dr. Al A. Fallah, shares helpful information on caring for veneers, for many years of appealing smiles.


How porcelain veneers beautify Carlsbad, CA smiles

For many women, TMD is a daily struggle faced silently and unaided.

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