Tooth #17 - Third Molar (Wisdom Tooth)

Meridian small intestine
Dental Tooth Chart West Palm Beach - heart
Dental Tooth Chart West Palm Beach - left ilieum
left ilieum
Dental Tooth Chart West Palm Beach - jejunum
Dental Tooth Chart West Palm Beach - liver
Glands none
Vertebrae C3, T1, T5, T6, S1, S2 Spinal cord
C8, T1, T5, T6, T7, S1, S2, S3
Sensory ear, eye
Musculature upper & lower extremities, trunk
Joints toes, plantar foot, sacroiliac joint, ulnar hand, elbow, shoulder
Other Relationships baldness, blood pressure, central and peripheral disturbed function, cervical spine syndrome, dermopathic tonisillitis, eczema (especially in the lower body), energy metabolism, epilepsy, facial eczema, gait disorders, headache, ileum, hypogastric pain, liver diseases with discomfort, Meniere's nocturnal brachialgia, migraine, motor and sensory vitality disorders, myasthenia in the legs, motor disorders in the legs, periarterial spasms in shoulder (spreading through circulatory system), peripheral nerves, rheumatic spreading in posterior of legs, sciatica, vasospasms, vertigo, vegetative dystonia, urticaria.