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New Patients: (760) 576-2779
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Biological dentist in Carlsbad shares important information for patients considering a root canal


 Biological dentist for root canal problems in Carlsbad area
We’ve all been there. You wake up with searing pain in the tooth and think, “I hope I don’t need a root canal.” Or perhaps you had a cavity filled before and it’s starting to hurt again, or a previous dentist told you a tooth may soon need a root canal. Many patients put off receiving dental care because they fear a root canal is inevitable. What if you learned that a root canal can be prevented with proper dental care? Dr. Al A. Fallah, a respected biological dentist, has helped his Carlsbad-area patients manage their dental care with an eye on their overall health and wellbeing as well. He believes in using the safest and most advanced dental techniques available to treat the tooth without needing to perform a root canal procedure.

Holistic dental practices

Dental problems don’t simply occur in the mouth, they’re often caused by an underlying issue or poor oral hygiene habits. Holistic dentists understand this connection and work with the patient to determine the cause of dental problems. For example, patients who are experiencing pain in their molars or jaw may be subconsciously grinding or clenching their teeth. Patients who have recurring cavities or gum pain may learn that their diet needs help, or they need better brushing and flossing procedures. Further, some oral health problems are a sign of various vitamin and mineral deficiencies. By getting to the underlying cause of the problem, dentists can properly treat it and prevent it from coming back.

Safe materials

As a holistic dentist, Dr. Fallah is committed to working with each patient to determine the best course of treatment. He only uses safe, mercury-free materials. While metal fillings and dental restorations had been commonly used in the past, the mercury in those fillings has now been connected to serious health conditions. In addition to being medically safer, the mercury-free restorations are more aesthetically pleasing as the material closely resembles the natural tooth.

Advanced technology

Advanced technology for root canal problems in Carlsbad CA area
  1. Our Advanced Planmeca CT Scan

When dentists know where the problem lies, they can treat it with precision. Dr. Fallah uses several advanced technologies such as Ultra Low Dose CT Imaging. This technology is very beneficial for those patients for the following reasons: Our Planmecca has the most innovative software and hardware technologies that allows the maximum amount of diagnostic information with LEAST amount of exposure.It also offers three-dimensional imaging that helps identify hidden infections.

A 3D scan of the jaw typically only exposes the patient to 20 microsevet of radiation. A one way flight to New York from San Diego exposes you to 50 microsevets.

  1. Our unique T Scan Bite evaluation uncovers micro trauma patterns of your bite. So many times when you get a filling or crown, your dentist would use the articulating paper only to see the high spots, until you confirm that your bite is comfortable. Well, your jaw movement patterns when subconsciously clench or grind at night will expose the hidden high spot (that only engages in certain side movement). That hidden high spot is a great candidate to exhibit lasting sensitivity. The continuation of the trauma can eventually result in toothache, and oftentimes, this can lead to a Root Canal or Extraction. We have often helped our patients avoid a Root Canal, by finding the trauma source USING THE T SCAN.

  2. Oxygen/ Ozone therapy

Many people only think about oxygen as the air they breathe. However, oxygen and ozone therapy are important dental tools that can be used to help treat and prevent gum disease and tooth decay. When our patient presents with a tooth that has a deep cavity, we offer oxygen ozone gas, that kills all the bacteria within the cavity. This allows the pulp of the tooth to heal (as long as it has reasonable blood flow). When decay or slight damage is detected on the tooth, ozone therapy can be used to eliminate the decay and strengthen the tooth’s enamel.

With holistic dental practices, advanced technology, and treatments such as oxygen therapy, Dr. Fallah can help patients avoid the need for a root canal.

  1. Advanced Waterlase laser provides optimal antimicrobial properties combined with improving the bond surface that helps to reduce or eliminate post procedural sensitivities.

  2. Superior bond quality using state of the art teeth isolation techniques that helps to increase the durability of the restorations and make them more comfortable.

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Dr. Fallah believes that the health ramification of avoiding Root Canals and keeping your mouth free of infection has a huge positive impact on your overall health.

Dr. Fallah has been providing excellent care and holistic dental services to his patients for many years. For more information call (760) 576-2779 today.

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