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1293 Carlsbad Village Drive Carlsbad, CA 92008 | Directions
New Patients: (760) 576-2779
Current Patients: (760) 576-2269
1293 Carlsbad Village Drive Carlsbad, CA 92008 | Directions

Patient Reviews

Patient feedback drives our practice! Dr. Fallah and the team in our Carlsbad holistic cosmetic dentistry office perform all levels of care with a focus on patient comfort and satisfaction. To familiarize yourself with our quality of care, please read testimonials from past and current patients.
A few years ago I had one of my front teeth repaired by Dr. Fallah. His color match and technique for my chipped tooth was so good that I still cannot tell which one he did!

Dr. Fallah consistently demonstrates integrity, knowledge, and kindness. He is an outstanding talented dentist. ~ Debbie Reed
I have I arrived home after having some dental work done this afternoon at Dr. Fallah's. I am not feeling especially chipper.

Dr. Fallah and his team removed a crown I had had on a back tooth for a number of years. Dr. Fallah had not placed this crown on my tooth. When he removed it, his comment was, "The decay is very, very bad in your tooth." I looked at my tooth using a mirror. I wish I had not.

I am confident, though, that if my tooth can be saved, Dr. Fallah will save it. He is extremely knowledgeable, skilled, keeps up-to-date with the latest health findings and uses the newest dental procedures available. And he has a superbly competent staff.

Dr. Fallah and his staff truly work as a team. They are talented, dedicated and give every patient their all.

I was referred to Dr. Fallah by a friend, having recently moved to the San Diego area. I will be forever grateful to my friend and to Dr. Fallah for gathering his team together, for his sincerity and generosity in working as hard as he does to help me be healthy and happy.

Thank you, Dr. Fallah! ~ Gayle Brackin
Went to Dr Fallah while suffering very severe TMJ pain. Now still in the first phase of treatment ... wearing a neuromuscular orthotic all waking hours... the pain has subsided on my facial joint and muscles. Will see if this set of orthotics will permanently correct my bite or not. Overall Dr Fallah and staff are very attentive, patient, and professional. ~ Grace Lee
I would like to say thank you to Dr. Fallah and all of his staff. My anxiety was very high, I had some extensive work done, and everyone made me feel very comfortable.

I have a very low tolerance for pain (and anxiety) and Dr. Fallah made sure that I was comfortable the entire time. Additionally, my recover has been the best I have every had...seriously!

I have more work to do and I have no hesitation, at all, about continuing with Dr. Fallah and I am currently setting up an appointment for my wife.

After learning the hard and painful way, I will not be going anywhere else for my dental needs. ~ Victor Christensen
For most of my adult life, I've dealt with jaw pain (TMJ). Between grinding my teeth, clenching, and the pain in my neck, I'd often find myself unable to relieve the pain at the end of a long day. I tried massages, physical therapy, countless night guards, an NTI guard and lots of ibuprofen, but none of them solved the problem. It wasn't until a few months ago when I found Dr. Fallah and my life would be forever changed. As I explained my symptoms to Dr. Fallah, he grinned knowing he could help put all of that behind me. In just a few visits, I was almost completely out of pain. And, the work he's done is setting the stage for permanent relief. If you have jaw pain, I highly recommend you schedule a consultation with Dr. Fallah. I'm sure glad I did. ~ Brandee Loya
I've seen Dr. Fallah for years for routine dental checkups, so when I finally decided to get veneers done he was a natural choice. I am very happy with the work he did, and my teeth look natural and amazing! I always wanted a smile like this, and am super happy I finally did it. I would recommend Dr. Fallah to anyone considering having any cosmetic work done. ~ Peter Novak
Normally, it is not anyone's favorite thing going into a dentist's office to get your teeth worked on, but I certainly don't mind going into Dr. Fallah's office. Dr. Fallah and his staff are an incredible team - they are very warm and welcoming when you come in for dental work and you receive great care during and after treatment. I have had a number of dental work done, some of them major, and it's been a great experience with all the treatments as I felt much better and my teeth look much better! A big heartfelt thanks to Dr. Fallah and his staff for I can't thank them enough for all the great care they have given me. ~ Kim K.
Dr. Fallah and his staff are AMAZING!! When I first went there 3 years ago, I was a total dental-phobe as a result of some bad dental experiences I had as a youngster. As a result, my teeth were a horrible mess and I was VERY reluctant to do anything about it. Dr. Fallah understood my fear and was compassionate in every way. He and his staff reassured me and did everything imaginable to ensure I had pain free and stress free visits. They took excellent care of me and now I have a smile I am proud of - NEVER thought that was possible. Even more amazing, I now actually look forward to going to the dentist (as long as it is Dr. F!) and am now able to keep problems from happening in the first place. WOW! If you think you hate the dentist or have had bad experiences in the past, Give Dr. Fallah a try - I promise you'll never regret it. ~ Matthew C

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