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A Gift That Matters - Dr. Fallah's work with Fresh Start

See How Dr. Fallah Helped Twins Stephanie and Ramses Restore Their Smiles

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DCA TV -Dr. Fallah discusses Holistic Dentistry and Zirconia Dental Implants

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Of interest:

Results of a 2009 survey about amalgam restoration use, published by The Wealthy Dentist indicated that 66% of dentists stated that they tell patients about cosmetic options to replace amalgams (but do not necessarily mention anything about the safety of amalgams).
22% of surveyed dentists stated that they tell patients about options that are potentially safer although many of these dentists have completely discontinued the use of amalgams. The remaining 12% said that they prefer to place amalgam.
Survey results also indicate that a majority of dentists choose to not use mercury amalgam at all. 54% of general dentists use other products to fill cavities. If amalgam is considered 'safe and effective' and is less expensive than its replacement substances, why don't most dentists use it?
Dr. Fallah's dental practice is holistic -- he is a mercury free dentist.

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